France: Learning French at the Movies

Submitted by Taryn Wood on the 2021 fall semester program in Paris, France…

Studying abroad is everything you could ever imagine. It’s all amazing, beautiful, and intimidating at once. In Paris, France I am having a wonderful time meeting new people and trying new things, however studying in Paris with no French experience can be extremely tough at times. Starting my French class at CEA has helped immensely with learning the language and in just two weeks, I can now have simple conversations with the French people I encounter and read the menu for dinner quite easily.

One way I have tried helping my French has been by seeing movies in French with some of my friends from the program. The theaters are always near beautiful monuments such as the famous Bastille Square or the Gare de Lyon which makes the experience even more magical. Learning a new language can always be difficult, but so far I am having a wonderful time doing it in the magnificent city of Paris.

Bastille Square Paris
Gare de Lyon
My friend Hannah and I eating popcorn in the theater