Summer Compensation Guidelines for Faculty

Section: Academic Policies
Policy Name: Summer Compensation Guidelines for Faculty
Policy Owner: Provost
Responsible University Office: Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs
Origination Date: January 2000
Legacy Policy Number: 4-09
  1. PURPOSETo outline University faculty policies for Summer Session.
    1. Faculty members on academic year contracts may receive additional compensation for three months of summer work on sponsored research or summer teaching at a monthly rate not to exceed one-ninth of the base salary. The total compensation from all sources may not exceed three-ninths of the basic academic year salary for the summer months.
    2. Correspondingly, faculty on fiscal year contracts may receive additional compensation for one month of summer work on sponsored research at a rate not to exceed one-eleventh of the fiscal year salary.
    3. Faculty members receiving a full three-ninths summer compensation (one-eleventh for fiscal year contracts) have contracted for a full twelve month workload and have therefore forfeited vacation periods for that year (other than normal University holidays). Faculty members will be required to certify that they have not taken vacation during periods in which they are fully committed.
    4. Faculty taking vacation during such periods will be asked to refund applicable portions of their salary and related fringe benefits, and will be held personally liable for such disallowances resulting from audits. (See Faculty Handbook section III A and III G for further information on faculty compensation.) Compensation of less than the full amounts are prorated by month or portion thereof.
    5. Faculty will be compensated for Summer Session teaching at prevailing Winter/Summer session rates. Rates are published annually by the Appointments Processing Office and distributed to all departments. Compensation for activities other than instruction is contingent upon the availability of external or specifically designated internal funds.