Payment for Directing Supervised Study in the Summer/Winter

Section: Academic Policies
Policy Name: Payment for Directing Supervised Study in the Summer/Winter
Policy Owner: Provost
Responsible University Office: Office of the Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs
Origination Date: January 2000
Legacy Policy Number: 4-10
  1. PURPOSETo outline the policies and procedures for compensating faculty directing supervised study courses during the summer.
    1. Members of the University of Delaware faculty are urged to direct supervised study courses in the summer. To encourage faculty to do so and to compensate them for substantial efforts, they will be paid on a credit hour basis for directing supervised study courses such as research, special problem, thesis, and dissertation to an established limit.
    2. To be eligible for payment, a faculty member must meet with the student at least the equivalent of two class meetings per week during the summer sessions for a three-credit hour supervised study course, and the amount due, after calculating research grants, instructional improvement grants, summer school salary, and other salary increments, must not exceed two-ninths of the previous academic year salary (three-ninths if no vacation is taken during the previous academic year).
    3. Payment will not be made for directing, as supervised study, a course which is scheduled during the summer or academic year. Students must be registered for credit and pay the required tuition. Students who require less supervision may, of course, earn credit, but faculty compensation will not be permitted in such cases.
    4. Faculty members directing supervised study for which compensation is appropriate should complete the proper form (available from departmental or college secretary or from the Office of Special Sessions) for each student. The department chairperson or dean should also sign the form and forward to Special Sessions.