Human Resources

Non-faculty Performance Appraisal

Section: Human Resources Policies
Policy Name: Non-faculty Performance Appraisal
Policy Owner: Executive Vice President
Responsible University Office: Office of Human Resources
Origination Date: 1997
Revisions: November 2016
Legacy Policy Number: 4-55
  1. SCOPE OF POLICYThis policy applies to all non-faculty exempt and non-exempt employees and governs performance appraisals.
    1. Exempt – An employee not eligible for overtime pay
    2. Non-exempt – An employee eligible for overtime pay.  Must be compensated for hours worked above regular weekly hours.
    3. Performance Appraisal System – Frequently asked questions and related information regarding the performance appraisal process and system are located at
  3. POLICY STATEMENTThe University of Delaware recognizes that the achievement of the institutional mission of providing quality teaching and service is made possible only through the combined efforts of all employees.  A basic objective at the University is to acknowledge meritorious performance through appropriate reward and recognition.  The University supports a positive approach in assisting employees to assess their strengths and weaknesses for the purpose of maximizing their performance and furthering professional growth.  Performance appraisals are an inherent part of the process, as they provide information useful in making merit salary determinations and decisions regarding promotions and other personnel actions and provide the opportunity for constructive evaluation and discussion of employee strengths and areas for improvement.  It is the policy of the University to conduct annual performance appraisals for all non-faculty exempt and non-exempt employees.
  4. POLICY STANDARDS AND PROCEDURESPerformance appraisals at the University will be conducted annually using the Performance Appraisal System in accordance with the following specifications:
    1. By no later than (annual date to be announced yearly), Employee updates their specific job responsibilities in the Performance Appraisal System and completes the self-appraisal portion and current year goals section of the appraisal and shares that with their supervisor;
    2. The employee’s supervisor then confirms or updates the job responsibilities, as appropriate, populates the expectations of performance standards for the employee and confirms or revises the employee’s goals. The revised performance appraisal is shared with the employee;
    3. The supervisor and employee meet to discuss the employee’s performance appraisal;
    4. The employee may respond to the supervisor’s evaluation and provide written comments on the appraisal. The employee signs the document to confirm that the meeting to discuss the appraisal has taken place.

In the preparation of performance appraisals, the supervisor is responsible for ensuring that appraisals are conducted with each employee by April 1 of each year.  In order for the process to benefit the employee and the University, the supervisor must strive for fairness, objectivity, and consistency in reviewing all supervised employees. The administrative officer for the department or unit will have overall responsibility to ensure that evaluations are conducted timely and appropriately.