Campus Safety and Security

Medication and Drug Use and Distribution

Section: Campus Safety and Security Policies
Policy Name: Medication and Drug Use and Distribution
Policy Owner: Provost
Responsible University Office: Office of the Vice President for Student Life
Origination Date: October 1, 1981
Revisions: March 1, 1996; April 2005
Legacy Policy Number: 7-22
  1. PURPOSETo outline the policy pertaining to the use and distribution of drugs and pharmaceuticals at the University.
  2. POLICYNo legend medications (drugs which require prescription) can be purchased, stored, packaged, or dispensed at the University of Delaware by anyone except persons authorized to do so by State and Federal regulations, for example, physicians, nurses acting under direct supervision of physicians, and pharmacists. This does not preclude the use of prescribed medications or over the counter (OTC) medications intended for the specific (individual) use of a patient (students and/or staff).