Financial and Business

Loan of University Property

Section: Financial & Business Policies
Policy Name: Loan of University Property
Policy Owner: Executive Vice President
Responsible University Office: Office of the Vice President For Finance and Deputy Treasurer
Origination Date: April 30, 1984
Revisions: October 2, 1985; April 23, 2001; July 1, 2005; February 15, 2008
Legacy Policy Number: 5-04
  1. PURPOSETo expedite the appropriate use of University resources by individuals, organizations, and institutions not affiliated with the campus such that the work of the University’s faculty and students will not be impaired.
    1. Introduction

      Each year the University receives many requests from organizations, institutions, and individuals to borrow University property. The University Museums director administers a policy pertaining to the lending of books and other library materials to non-University institutions and individuals. The University Museums director administers a policy that controls the lending of University works of art.

      University equipment and other property are acquired to meet University needs. The lending of University property can inconvenience or handicap University departments and divisions if during the period of the loan the property is not available when needed for use on the campus. Also, some risk of damage or loss is entailed in lending property.

      In spite of these concerns, it is reasonable for the University to accommodate occasional requests from other institutions of higher learning and responsible non-University organizations and individuals for the loan of University property subject to certain conditions.

      The purpose of this statement is twofold:
      1. To enunciate a policy pertaining to the lending of University equipment and property, other than art objects and library books and materials, to organizations, institutions, and individuals outside the University.
      2. To summarize for the information of University personnel existing policies which control the lending of University library books and materials and University art objects to organizations, institutions, and individuals outside the University.
    2. Loans of University Equipment and Property (Other Than Art Works and Library Books and Materials)

      The Director of Procurement Services has been assigned responsibility as the custodian of University property. Requests from outside the University to borrow University equipment and property other than library books and materials and works of art are to be directed to the Director who shall be responsible for approving all such loans. Property loans approved shall be subject to the following conditions:
      1. The borrower must be known by reputation or position as responsible or present acceptable evidence of such responsibility;
      2. The need by the borrower must be a special, nonrecurring one. It is not intended that University property will be loaned to enable borrowers to use this property solely in order to defer or avoid purchasing items to meet their needs. As a general rule, the University will not supply items obtainable through ready commercial arrangements;
      3. University property will not be loaned for money-making purposes other than eleemosynary ones;
      4. Normally, University property will not be loaned to organizations, institutions, and individuals outside the State of Delaware;
      5. University property may be loaned for short periods of time provided the head of the University of Delaware department or division to which the property has been assigned for use approves the loan and the Director of Procurement Services is notified in writing of the loan. Such approval shall indicate that lending the property will not handicap or seriously inconvenience this department/division during the period the property is on loan;
      6. The borrower is responsible for any out-of-pocket expense (e.g., cost of dismantling and reassembling equipment and/or the cost of moving it) incurred in connection with the loan, as well as for making any necessary arrangements with the shipping department;
      7. A “Property Loan Agreement” must be signed by the borrower, except for employees of the University. This receipt must describe the property (make, model, serial number, U of D tag number, etc.), must indicate the period of time for which the property is loaned, must show the dollar value of the property, and must indicate acceptance by the borrower of the conditions under which the property is loaned as set forth on the “Property Loan Agreement.” A copy of this agreement should be forwarded to the Director of Procurement Services to update any Asset Management records;
      8. Employees of the University must make requests in writing to the Director of Procurement Services who will process the request;
      9. Asset Management will maintain a file on all equipment on loan, and periodically review the same;
      10. Government-owned property may not be loaned without verifying through the Vice Provost for Research that such is permissible under the contract, and verifying what approvals, records, and documents are required.
    3. Loans of University Library Books and Materials
      1. Libraries

        Libraries may arrange interlibrary loans subject to the provisions of the American Library Association “Interlibrary Loan Code” for the United States. The conduct of international interlibrary loan is regulated by the rules set forth in the IFLA document International Lending: Principles and Guidelines for Procedure.

        Interlibrary loans to libraries in other countries are also covered in Code, where it states that these transactions are covered by International Federation of Library Associations.
      2. Individuals
        1. Valid University of Delaware ID cardholders:
          1. Currently registered students;
          2. Current University employees and their spouses;
          3. Retired University employees and their spouses;
          4. Academy of Lifelong Learning participants;
          5. English Language Institute students;
          6. College School students;
          7. Religious Advisors at the University of Delaware.

            UD#1 “Department” and “Special Programs” cards are not valid for library borrowing privileges.
        2. Individuals covered by Library Reciprocal Borrowing Agreements:
          1. Current students, faculty, and staff from Delaware State University and Delaware Technical and Community Colleges.

            Eligible students and staff need to present a currently valid Delaware State University or Delaware Technical and Community College ID card, supporting photo ID if the institutional ID card does not have a photo, and complete a Borrower Registration form.
          2. Current graduate students and institutional researchers enrolled in a member institution of the Chesapeake Information and Research Library Alliance.

            Eligible students need to present an approved “Direct Borrower Form for Graduate Students and Institutional Researchers” and a valid photo ID card from their home institution.
          3. Faculty members from institutions that participate in the OCLC Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program.

            Eligible faculty need to present a valid OCLC Reciprocal Faculty Borrowing Program card from their home library and a valid photo ID card from their home institution.
        3. Professional persons with specific relationships with the University:

          For the following groups, eligibility for fee-waived Public Borrower privileges is determined by the campus offices who maintain relationships with the following groups:
          1. Master Gardeners at the University of Delaware;
          2. Federal employees who have a close research association with the University (e.g., USDA Beneficial Insects Introduction Research Unit);
          3. Educators who are currently participating in a student teaching relationship with an EDUC 400 student through the University of Delaware’s Office of Clinical Studies Cooperating Teacher program.
        4. For the following groups, eligibility for fee-waived Public Borrower privileges on an individual basis is determined by the presentation of an original letter from the agency supervisor stating the reasons that borrowing privileges are needed. The letter will be retained by the Circulation Unit, Access Services Department. To renew library cards that have expired, another letter must be presented stating the continued need for borrowing privileges.
          1. Professional staff of cooperating institutions (e.g., Winterthur, Longwood Gardens, etc.);
          2. State officials and their professional staffs;
          3. Local officials and their professional staffs.
        5. Participants in University of Delaware Summer Programs:

          University of Delaware Summer Program organizers need to contact the Circulation Unit if library borrowing privileges are needed for Summer Program participants to fulfill assignments.
        6. Individuals with no direct University of Delaware affiliation:

          Individuals who are 18 years of age or older may purchase a Public Borrower card for their personal use by completing a Borrower Registration form available at the Morris Library Circulation Desk, presenting state-issued photo identification, and paying the appropriate non-refundable fee. Rates are available from the Library.

          Individuals who join the University of Delaware Library Associates, make a minimum contribution, and indicate that they wish to receive borrowing privileges are eligible for a fee-waived Public Borrower card provided through the Office of the Director.

          Since the primary mission of the University of Delaware Library is to serve the research needs of its students, faculty, and staff, the borrowing privileges and services available to paid and fee-waived Public Borrowers are highly restricted.
    4. Loans of University Works of Art

      The loan policy governing works of art held in University Collections is administered by the Director of University Museums with the advisement of the University Collections Committee.
      1. Loans shall be made to established galleries, museums, and allied educational and cultural institutions meeting the stringent professional standards and practices as evidenced in the filing of an American Association of Museums (AAM) Standard Facility Report.
      2. Loans are not extended to individuals. Artists represented in University Art Collections may borrow artworks created by them, provided their exhibition is connected with an established institution meeting the loan criteria listed in items #1 and #3.
      3. Loans will not be released to Borrowers without the following certification on file with the University Museums:
        1. Countersigned Loan Contract;
        2. Borrower’s Certificate of Insurance for “wall to wall” Fine Arts coverage for the duration of the exhibition and loan periods, in addition to standard liability insurance;
        3. Completed AAM Standard Facility Report reviewed and approved by the Director of Museums and the Curator of Collections;
        4. Round-trip transportation contracted at Borrower’s expense utilizing certified Art Handlers providing climate control, air ride, and secured vehicles with dual-driver teams;
        5. Final approval on loans as needed will be provided by the University Provost.