Facilities, Real Estate and Auxiliary Services

University Printing

Section: Facilities, Real Estate and Auxiliary Services Policies
Policy Name: University Printing
Policy Owner: Executive Vice President
Responsible University Office: Facilities, Real Estate and Auxiliary Services
Origination Date: April 15, 1976
Revisions: December 1, 1987; June 5, 1989; March 1998; June 9, 2004; July 1, 2005
Legacy Policy Number: 5-08
  1. PURPOSETo communicate and outline policies and related procedures on the use of The Graphic Communications Center and Campus Mail.
    1. Graphic Communications Center (GCC)
      1. The University’s Graphic Communications Center provides for the printing and copying (“Quick Copy”) of necessary materials for the various academic and service units of the University. All Units of the University are charged for the services received.
      2. All requests for duplicating of printed copy, used for internal distribution to faculty, staff or students will be printed on white mimeo paper stock in lieu of the more expensive watermark bond paper.
      3. Graphic Communications Center will be given the opportunity to meet low bid on all jobs before being sent to an outside vendor for printing or “Quick Copy” work.
    2. Campus MailThe University operates an internal center for the distribution of regular mail to the campus received from the U. S. Postal Service. All material received through the U. S. mails will be distributed to the designated office or person. Concurrently, the University operates its own campus distribution service, a “fax” service, and other nonvoice, nondata communication services.

      This service provides for the in-house distribution of University business and printed matter relevant to approved University programs and services. It is not available for the personal use of University employees, students, or non-University groups for the advertisement of programs not sponsored by the University.

    1. Graphic Communications
      1. Each individual unit administrator is responsible for insuring that all material printed for his/her unit through Graphic Communications is consistent with University policies and copyright laws. The “Unit Administrator” is authorized to designate, in writing, a limited number of staff to sign for charges by Graphic Communications. A standing work order for the year may be filed with GCC.
      2. Material submitted for printing, or related work (not “Quick-Copy”) must be accompanied by a Graphic Communications Work Order GCC-7 form and/or a Quick Copy GCC-8 form for copying work and approved by the unit administrative officer indicating the source of funds. Both forms are available through unit or departmental secretaries.
      3. Reproduction of master’s theses and doctoral dissertations are handled on a cash basis. Data must be submitted with the correct parameters.
      4. Recognized student organizations must have requests approved by their faculty advisor, as outlined by the appropriate Student Activities and Program Officer indicating source of funds.
    2. Campus Mail
      1. Each individual unit administrator is responsible for insuring that all material distributed for his/her unit through the Campus Mail Service is consistent with University policies.
      2. The Unit Administrator authorizes charges by Campus Mail to a given purpose code that shall be given via email or through Campus Mail. This authorization does not have to be renewed each fiscal year. It must be renewed each time the purpose code changes.