Human Resources

Employment of Immediate Family Members

Section: Human Resources Policies
Policy Name: Employment of Immediate Family Members
Policy Owner: Executive Vice President
Responsible University Office: Office of Human Resources
Origination Date: June 1989
Revisions: July 2001; July 2009; November 2016
Legacy Policy Number: 4-34
  1. SCOPE OF POLICYThis policy addresses a conflict of interest policy for University employees in the same immediate family.
  2. DEFINITIONSImmediate family member: an employee’s spouse, child, step-child, parent, step-parent, or any other individual living in the same home as the employee in a familial or intimate relationship.
  3. POLICY STATEMENTAn employee may not supervise, direct, evaluate, or recommend for merit an immediate family member.  Employees must also avoid direct or indirect involvement in any institutional decision, such as hiring, promotion, retention, compensation, or other condition of employment of an immediate family member.
  4. POLICY STANDARDS AND PROCEDURESAll employees must report to the Chief Human Resources Officer at that an immediate family member is also employed at the University, even if there is no current conflict.