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The objectives of the MuTT Lab are to (1) develop tools for studying microscale thermal transport phenomena (2) develop new materials which push the limits of achievable transport properties (thermal conductivity, interface conductance, heat capacity, thermoelectric power factor), and (3) to develop new device technologies based on these materials.  Applications areas include the cooling of electronic devices, energy efficiency, thermoelectric energy conversion, and next-generation magnetic recording devices.

Recent News:

Congratulations to Rohit Kakodkar for successfully defending his Ph.D. dissertation!¬† He’ll be moving on as a research software engineer at Brown University.

Our group’s most recent paper in Journal of Applied Physics shows that it might be possible for Nanoparticle-in-alloy semiconductors to reduce their thermal conductivity by 50% vs state-of-the-art alloys by optimizing particle size, even while reducing nanoparticle usage by 66%.


One thought on “MuTT Lab

  1. Dear Prof. Joseph P Feser,

    This is Xuanchen Li, a master student at ETH Zurich. I am trying to learn thermoreflectance measurement recently and highly enjoy your lecture series on YouTube.
    I am wondering if the videos in ‘TDTR Data Analysis’ section are available somewhere, or if you plan to make them in the near future. I am super eager to watch them.
    Thank you so much for making those TDTR videos available!

    Xuanchen Li

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