About the UD Environmental Isotope Science Laboratory

The University of Delaware (UD) Environmental Isotope Science Laboratory (EIS-Lab) is a self-supporting research laboratory that offers a portfolio of fee-for-service stable and radioactive isotope analyses to clients within the University of Delaware as well as external clients in the academic, industrial, and government communities.  The EIS-Lab was established with support from the Unidel Foundation in 2018 that enabled consolidation and augmentation of the isotope analysis facilities of the UD Environmental Isotope Geochemistry Laboratory and the UD Environmental Biogeochemistry Laboratory in dedicated laboratory space located on the UD campus in Newark, Delaware, USA. 

The instrumentation of the EIS-Lab includes four Thermo isotope-ratio mass spectrometers, a Thermo Orbitrap Exploris 240 Fourier Transform mass spectrometer, a Los Gatos Research liquid water isotope analyzer, six gamma spectrometers, 10 alpha spectrometers, and a Quantulus low-background liquid scintillometer.  Nine fume hoods, two vacuum manifolds, assorted ovens and furnaces, analytical balances, and a wide range of other sample preparation facilities are incorporated in the EIS-Lab space. Routine analyses performed by the EIS-Lab include stable isotope analyses of water; EA-IRMS analyses of C and N isotope ratios in soils, sediments, and other materials; C and O isotope analyses of carbonates and dissolved inorganic carbon; GC-IRMS isotope analyses of C and N in nitroaromatics; Cl isotope analyses of chloride by IRMS; Cl and O isotope analyses of perchlorate by IRMS; 7-Be, 137-Cs, and 210-Pb analyses in sediment cores and Ra isotope analyses of water by gamma spectrometry.  

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