Let’s Do it!

So you want to be a school administrator?  Well,…that is fantastic.

Delaware (and the rest of humanity) needs more great school administrators.  We are lucky at DASL to see the great work being done by administrators not only in Delaware, but around the globe.

I was thinking about writing this blog for some time now, and have had a difficult time determining a “theme” that may garner some interest. Throughout my career, I have consistently been asked by those looking towards moving into school administration what “IT” is like.  In addition, it is often my job at DASL to work with aspiring administrators. As a result, the theme of my blog will be “So,…you want to be an administrator?”  

So here we go…it is my hope to give you a glimpse of the realities of the position and to reduce the number of surprises you may encounter during your formative years (which may be almost as painful as reliving middle school).  Here goes!

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