The Doty Group uses advanced nanostructure fabrication and optical spectroscopy techniques to probe and control photons, charges, and spins in nanostructured materials.

Our goal is to understand how nanometer scale structure and composition can be engineered to create new materials with optimized properties.

The potential applications for the materials we study range from next-generation computing devices to high-efficiency photovoltaics.

The challenge in studying nanostructured materials is that bulk measurements are sensitive only to the average nanoscale structure, and yet many interesting material properties depend on details of the structure and composition with nanometer lengths scales. To overcome this challenge we have developed expertise in the investigation of single nanostructures. While experimentally challenging, this approach allows us to quantify the relationship between structure on nanometer length scales and the behavior of single excitons, photons, charges and spins.

Learn more about our current projects here and through the videos below.