Dr. Robert Coulter

Teaching (Fall semester of Academic year 2022/2023):

  • Math210: Discrete Mathematics I

Research Interests:

    • Finite fields and applications.
    • Polynomials over finite fields, particularly their roles in projective geometry, information security and combinatorics.
    • Construction of cryptographically useful functions such as APN functions and PPs with low differential uniformity.
    • Construction and classification of Cartesian groups, quasifields and semifields.
    • Automorphism groups of combinatorial and algebraic objects, and the interrelated problems of isotopy of algebraic objects and isomorphism of projective planes.
    • Projective planes, the Prime Power Conjecture and the Prime=Desargues Conjecture.

You can find a publication list here.

The following students have so far had the extreme wisdom (i.e. been foolish enough) to work with me on their PhDs:

  • Todd Gutekunst (completed May 08, now at King’s College)
  • Pamela Kosick (completed Dec 09, now at Stockton University)
  • Chris Castillo (completed May 15, now at Cecil College)
  • Chris Ulicny (departed with Masters, May 15)
  • Patrick Cesarz (completed Oct 19)
  • Emily Bergman (completed Jul 20, now at NSA)
  • Bradley Fain (completed Jul 21, now at Colorado State)
  • Paul Hearding (current)
  • Li-An Chen (current)
  • Kamal Joshi (current)
  • Stephen Brittain (current)
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