Recent Publications

  1. Transient evolution of flow profiles in a shear banding wormlike micellar solution: Experimental results and a comparison with the VCM model (with Mohammadigoushki, Dalili and Zhou) Soft Matter, 27, 2019.
  2. Effects of different levels of solar radiation and depth varying vertical diffusion on the dynamics of a reaction-diffusion NPZ model (with Cowall and Oliver), J. of Plankton Research, 2019.
  3. A stochastic mesoscale model of transiently networked fluids (with L. Zhou), J. Non-Newt. Fluid Mech 247, 2017, 78-89.
  4. Apparent slip for an upper convected Maxwell fluid (with Munch, Wagner and Braun), SIAM J. Applied Math. 77, 2017, 537-564.
  5. A study of pressure-driven flow of wormlike micellar mixtures through a converging/diverging channel (with Cromer), J. of Rheology 60(5), 2016, 953-973.
  6. Validation of constitutive modeling of shear banding, threadlike wormlike micellar fluids (with Germann, Gurnon, Zhou, Beris, and Wagner). Journal of Rheology 60(5), 2016, 983- 999.
  7. A differential velocities based study of diffusion effects in shear banding micellar solutions (with Germann, Beris), J. Non-Newt. Fluid Mech. 232, 2016, 43-54.
  8. Wormlike micellar solutions III. VCM Model predictions in steady and transient shearing flows (with Zhou, McKinley), J. Non-Newt. Fluid Mech. 211, 2014, 70-83.
  9. Investigation of the inhomogeneous shear flow of a wormlike micellar solution using a thermodynamically consistent model (with Germann, Beris), J. Non-Newt. Fluid Mech 207, 2014, 21-31.
  10. Nonequilibrium thermodynamic modeling of the structure and rheology of wormlike micellar solutions (with Germann, Beris), J. Non-Newtonian Fluid Mech., 196, pp. 51-57, 2013.
  11. Multiple shear-banding transitions for a model of wormlike micellar solutions (with Zhou, McKinley), SIAM J. Applied Math, Vol 72-74, pp 1192-1212, 2012.
  12. Thin film dynamics on a prolate spheroid with application to the cornea (with Braun, Usha, McFadden, Driscoll, King-Smith), J Eng Math 73(1) pp. 121-138, 2012, DOI 10.1007/s10665-011-9482-4.


  1. Transonic Aerodynamics, (with Cole) North Holland, Amsterdam, 1986.
  2. Transonic Aerodynamics; Problems in Asymptotic Theory, Cook(editor), SIAM, Philadelphia, 1993.


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