Current Members

Principal Investigator

Christopher J. Kloxin, PhD
Director, Peptide-Protein Materials Center (PPMC)
Director, MSE Graduate Program
Associate Professor of
Materials Science and Egineering
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Doctoral Trainees

Joshua MeisenhelterLinkedIn
Tessa PoseyLinkedIn
Kenneth Crane-MoscowitzLinkedIn
Albree (Bree) WeisenLinkedIn
Caitlin D'AmbrosioLinkedIn
Jason LennonLinkedIn
Will RearsLinkedIn

Undergraduate Researchers

Julia WolfeLinkedIn
Caitlyn EdgarLinkedIn

Group Alumni

Post-doctoral Researchers

Jonathan French (LinkedIn)Post-doctoral Researcher2015Associate Teaching Professor at Syracuse University
Srimoyee Dasgupta (LinkedIn)Post-doctoral Researcher2018Global UL Program Management, Technology & Innovation
Dongdong Wu (LinkedIn)Post-doctoral Researcher2015-2017Senior Research Engineer at Umea University, Department of Chemistry
Rajkumar Misra (LinkedIn)Post-doctoral Researcher2018-2019DST Inspire Faculty Department of Medicinal Chemistry, NIPER S.A.S. Nagar

Graduates with Doctoral Degree from UD

Melissa Gordon (LinkedIn)PhD2016Associate Professor of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering at Lafayette College
Andrew Tibbits (LinkedIn)PhD2017Process Engineer at
NALA Membranes
Stephen Ma (LinkedIn)PhD2018Associate Principal Scientist at Merck
Abhishek Shete (LinkedIn)PhD2018Associate Research Scientist at Dow Polyurethanes R&D
Bassil El-Zaatari (LinkedIn)PhD2018Assistant Professor of Chemistry at Davidson College
Bryan Sutherland (LinkedIn)PhD2019Senior Scientist at Merck
Nicole Halaszynski (LinkedIn)PhD2022Senior Scientist at Merck
Mukund Kabra (LinkedIn)PhD2023Postdoctoral Researcher at UD

Graduates with Masters Degree

Kaleigh Reno (LinkedIn)MChE2018How2Recycle Senior Project Manager at GreenBlue Org
Samhita Kattekola (LinkedIn)MChE2017PhD Student at The City College of New York
Stephen Ekatan (LinkedIn)MMSE2012PhD from the University of Connecticut;
Senior Process Engineer II at CertainTeed Gypsum(Saint-Gobain)

Graduates with Bachelors of Science/Engineering Degree from UD

Nolan Petrich (LinkedIn)BChE (Sum20-sum22)2022Research specialist at PPMC
Caitlin Iannetta (LinkedIn)MSE (Win22-S22)2023Graduate Student in MSE at UD
Ben Smith (LinkedIn)MSE (Win22-S22)2023Clarios Quality Engineering Intern (Senior in MSE at UD)
Derek Bischoff (LinkedIn)BChE (Sum15-S19)2019PhD from University of Delaware; post-doc at U.S. Army DEVCOM Army Research Laboratory
Grant Knappe (LinkedIn)BChE (W16-S19)2019PhD Student in ChemE at MIT
Benjamin Carberry (LinkedIn)BChE (Sum13-S16)2016PhD in ChemE from the University of Colorado, Boulder; Long Acting Injectables Research Scientist
Stephanie Copenhaver-Anderson (LinkedIn)BChE (CBE, W13-Sum14)2016Manufacturing & Technology Engineer/Product Sponsor at DuPont
Jonathan Galarraga (LinkedIn)BChE (Sum13-S16)2016PhD in BME from UPenn;
Senior Scientist, Vivodyne
Laura MumperBChE (Sum14-S17)2017Operational Research Analyst, Mechanicsburg, PA Naval base
Justin Paloni (LinkedIn)BChE (Sum13-S16)2016PhD in ChemE from MIT
Co-founder & Chief Scientific Officer at Purvala Bioscience
Shea ColeBChE (W16-S17),2017
Thomas Cristiani (LinkedIn)BChE (Sum12-S13)2013PhD in MSE from UCSanta Barbara,
Senior Staff Research Scientist at Carbon
Samantha Mannino (LinkedIn)BChE, W12-S142014Tech Lead at Adyen