Welcome to the Coastal Sediments, Hydrodynamics, and Engineering Lab! We are part of the School of Marine Science and Policy (SMSP) in the College of Earth, Ocean, & Environment (CEOE) of the University of Delaware (UD). We are dedicated to exploring the watery bits of our world and filling-in the blank spots on the map.  Our interests are in the observation and modeling of coastal morphodynamics (how and why features change through time), the morphological interplay of hydrodynamics (waves and currents) with sediment and seabed features (morphology). Additional interests include beach morphology and nourishment practices, decadal-scale coastal behavior, barrier island morphology and storm response, scour processes, oceanographic observing systems, and the use and development of unmanned (autonomous) aerial vehicles (UAVs) and autonomous surface and underwater vehicles (ASVs and AUVs). Founded by Dr. Arthur Trembanis in 2005, we travel all over the world to find blank spots on the map and fill them in!