It took me a few years to discover that I had to establish and build a solid relationship with my students.  Building a positive relationship with your students is the bedrock of learning.  If your students see that you have their best interests in mind, or “have their back”,  you have built a solid foundation on which both you and your students can thrive.

Having your students and their parents complete interest surveys at the beginning of the year, sending postcards home to let parents know how well their child is performing in class, or just greeting them at the door each morning welcoming them to another great day in your classroom are just a few ways to let your students know that they are valued by you.

It’s important for your students to talk to you on their level, and for them to see that you are genuinely interested in their success.  It’s also important for them to see humility.  If you, the famed instructor, make a mistake in the classroom, admit it and move on.  Believe me, when your students see you as their personal coach, they will amaze you and even themselves with what they achieve.

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