Learn about our hat!

Then, take our quiz to see if you could be a brain scientist!


What is the brain?

Where do your dreams come from? How do you remember the name of your favorite TV show? Why do you feel hungry at lunch time? Your brain is in charge of all of these things! Your brain is the like the boss of your body, it tells your body what to do (even when you’re sleeping). 

What does fNIRS mean?

fNIRS stands for Functional Near-Infrared Spectroscopy – which is a lot of big words. But what do they mean? Infrared light is a light that is invisible, which means light that we can’t see! So, we shine an invisible light onto your head through little “donut holes” in a special hat.

What shines the light onto my head?

We use sensors to shine the invisble light onto your head. The sensors work like tiny flashlights! The flashlights hook onto the cap just like Leggos. The light shines onto your head and then bounces back up. The light shows us how your brain is working

Can you feel it?

No! You can’t feel it on your head at all. It’s just like wearing a super cool bicyle helmet with lots of tiny flashlights that can see your brain working.

Done reading about our hat? Want to test your knowledge? Then take this quiz to see how much you know about our hat! Try to get 100%!

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