Biden School Journal of Public Policy  – JPP (formerly New Visions for Public Affairs) is an annual student-produced peer-review publication of the University of Delaware’s Biden School of Public Policy and Administration (Biden School). Founded in 2008, our organization publishes a scholarly peer-review journal comprised of student academic writing on topics related to public policy and public administration. The Biden School Journal is managed by a student editorial board that is advised by a Faculty Advisory Board.

This student-run journal showcases research and writing related to public policy and administration, but not limited to, scholarly research essays, literature reviews, and special interviews. Preference is given to works that take new approaches in their discussion of current policies and future alternatives.

Every year the Journal also holds a research symposium where authors whose submissions are published in the journal are invited to share their research findings with peers and faculty.

Vision Statement

To inform and inspire policymakers and practitioners through a rigorous peer-review academic forum that advances scholarship, challenges traditional ideas, considers both theory and practice, and takes an interdisciplinary approach to public policy and administration.

Mission Statement

The Biden School JPP seeks to provide an interdisciplinary forum to showcase new alternatives and visions for public policy by challenging traditional approaches and advancing innovative scholarship. The Biden School JPP also serves to expose student authors to the peer-review process of academic publishing and student editors to the editorial process, while providing all students with the chance to participate in an enriching local, national and international community of scholars.

Official bylaws can be read here.

Editorial Board ’21

To be confirmed.


Previous Editorial Board ’20

If you are interested in joining the board, please find the eligibility criteria for application here, and contact us with any further questions.



Faculty Advisors

While Biden School Journal of Public Policyis a student-run organization, faculty members within the Biden School of Public Policy and Administration provide support to the editorial board, primarily by providing feedback on articles that are selected for publication during the editing process.

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