What is UD Capture?

UD Capture is a suite of tools to create and share videos. UD Capture includes automatic classroom capture, a variety of studios, and a self service platform for managing and sharing your media. Nearly 200 classrooms are enabled for UD Capture Classroom Recording.

Options for Recording Courses for Fall 2020

Looking to use UD Capture to record your course? Learn about your options below.

Online: See our guide for three ways to create learning videos from home.

Classroom: See our guide for three ways record your next classroom meeting.

On Campus Locations: See our guide for on campus locations to make recordings for asynchronous delivery.


Faculty: Migrate your UD Capture Archives to My Media

All UD Capture Archives you wish to keep must be migrated to My Media in Canvas and UD Capture Space (our new video platform) by January 31, 2021.

Migrate your older UD Capture archived recordings (anything older than 2017) to My Media in Canvas and UD Capture Space and begin using some of the new tools and abilities, such as the ability to access your recordings directly in Canvas. We’ve already migrated your existing 2017 and 2018 content for you and it can be found in “My Media.”

UD Capture in Canvas

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When you sign up for UD Capture Classroom Recording, you can request to have your videos uploaded directly to your Canvas course so your students get immediate access when they post to the Media Gallery in Canvas.

Learn more about UD Capture in Canvas

UD Capture Space

UD Capture Space, which will be replacing the UD Capture Archives, is the University’s YouTube-esque platform for video sharing. Your UD Capture Classroom Recordings will be posted to My Media in Capture Space (where only you can view them) so that you have complete control over how you share your videos with others.

Learn more about UD Capture Space

Explore the UD Capture Suite of Services

UD Capture Classroom

This free service allows faculty to record all of their classes (or just a few) to share with students online.

UD Capture Space

UD Capture Space is a YouTube-esque video platform that allows you to manage and share your own videos.

UD Capture Studios

Create professional instructional video using our classroom studios, green screen studio, lightboard studio, or self service studio.