Spring 2020 Modified Pass/No Credit Grading System (requests June 1- June 9 ONLY)

As we close out the spring semester, please remember that the University has modified a few academic regulations in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, including a Modified Pass/No Credit grading option. Your final grades will be posted by June 1. From June 1 through June 9, you will have the opportunity to request any of those grades be changed to the modified pass/no credit grading option, if desired, by submitting the Grading Basis Change Request Webform in UDSIS which will become available on June 1.

Students are highly encouraged to communicate with their campus Academic Advisor if you are thinking about, and prior to, changing a grade to the modified pass/no credit option as this could impact SEED scholarship eligibility, financial aid, or your future goals.

Please continue reading below for additional information regarding the process to request a change of grade:

  • Utilize the resource, “Is a Grade Change right for you?” (image shared below) to assist you in using your unofficial transcript and the GPA Calculator on the Registrar’s website to help calculate if a grading change is right for you.
  • A Grading Basis Change Request Webform is be required to request grades of A through B- to be changed to “High Pass” or grades of C+ through C- to be changed to “Mid Pass”.
  • Grades of D+ through F will be automatically updated to the modified pass/no credit grading option; these changes do not require you to take any action.  Grades of D+ through D- will be changed to “Low Pass”, and grades of F or Z will be changed to “No Credit” within 24 hours of being posted on UDSIS.

For all details regarding this Spring grading policy, please refer to the “Academic Regulations: Undergraduate Students” section of the Spring 2020 Academic Regulations webpage for more information about the modified pass/no credit grading option, including answers to Undergraduate Grade Change FAQs.