AAP Academic Advisors Availability – Summer 2022

As the Spring 2022 semester comes to a close and you prepare for the summer months, please take note of the availability updates of our AAP Academic Advisors on each campus.

All advisors will be working remotely beginning May 31st – August 15th and will hold all advising appointments via Zoom.

Need to make an appointment with your campus academic advisor over the summer? Please use the corresponding appointment links below to schedule a virtual appointment with your campus advisor.

If you have any questions or need assistance, students can always contact our advising team at aap-advise@udel.edu.

Last day to withdraw from courses – May 2nd

Last Day to Change your Registration or Withdraw from Courses!

The last day to change registration or withdraw from courses without academic penalty is Monday, May 2, 2022. Students will receive a grade of “W” for courses they withdrawn from after the first 10 class days. The University offers no tuition rebates for registration changes, and students who make late changes must pay a one-time $25 fee. Please consult with your advisor to confer on changes in registration.

Grading Options:

L Listener (Audit) – Registration without credit or grade. Class attendance is required, but class participation is not.
P/F Pass/Fail – For specifically authorized courses. P grades are not calculated in indexes, but F grades will still be calculated. Pass/Fail grading cannot be used to fulfill university/college requirements.
W – Official Withdrawal

*If you would like to make any changes to your schedule, it is STRONGLY recommended that you meet with an advisor prior to making any changes.

AAP Spring Guest Speaker Series presents: Professional Artists’ Panel!

The Associate in Arts Program continues the Spring Guest Speaker Series by presenting a Panel of Professional Artists!

A career in the arts can be fulfilling, but challenging! If you are interested in pursuing a career in the arts —music, acting, film, TV, visual art, photography — join us on April 25 for a panel discussion with four professional artists from Delaware and hear about their inspirations, the benefits and drawbacks of their chosen field, how they launched their careers, and much more!

Join us via Zoom (link below) on Monday, April 25th during the AAP Common Hour, 12:25-1:25pm

Panelists include:

  • Cliff Hillis- Singer-Songwriter
  • Rob Waters- Filmmaker & Illustrator
  • Keith Mosher- Visual Artist, Photographer, Clothing Designer
  • Michael Sprouse: Visual Artists, Journalist, Television & Radio Host

ZOOM LINK: www.udel.edu/009501

Interested in joining The Review, UD’s only independent student newspaper? Apply now!

The Review is accepting applications for summer positions!

Looking for a flexible commitment for the summer? Join the summer staff of The Review, UD’s only independent student newspaper. These positions are open to ALL students, whether you will be entering another year of the AAP in the fall or heading to main campus.

We are looking for:

  • Reporters/writers
  • Copy editors
  • Artists (photographers, illustrators, graphic designers, etc.)
  • Video editors
  • Web development team members
  • Business team members

Read more about these positions here. Meetings will be held virtually this summer, with the opportunity to continue on our staff in-person in Fall 2022.

Fill out our short, 5-10 minute application here! After you send in your application, Tara Lennon (Editor-in-Chief – tlennon@udel.edu) and Mia Gallo (Executive Editor – miagallo@udel.edu) will be reaching out to you to schedule a time to chat before you join our staff!

Applications are due MAY 18 at 11:59 p.m.!

Associate in Arts Academic Affairs Senator elections!

Interested in being a part of UD’s Student Government Association? You are encouraged to enter the election process for the Associate in Arts College Academic Affairs Senator position!

The Student Government Association will be holding Spring elections for our Academic Affairs Senators from April 18th-April 22nd. Our mission is to enhance student life by actively addressing student issues as the liaison among students, faculty, and administration. We aim to provide sustainable and tangible change on campus while building trust and transparency.

In order to campaign during our upcoming elections, candidates are required to attend ONE of the following rules meetings to learn more about the positions and election rules. The meetings will be held via this Zoom link.

Our rules meetings are as follows:

– 4/11 from 2:30-3:30pm

– 4/13: 3:30- 4:30pm and 6-7pm

If you have any conflicts and are interested in the position(s) please email kntatem@udel.edu. SGA hopes to see you there!

Start Planning for Fall Registration

Fall Registration opens April 18, 2022. Check your UDSIS Enrollment Date for when your registration window opens for Fall Semester registration. Prior to that date, be sure you do the following:

  • Meet with your Assigned Advisor to discuss fall course options.
  • Review the Course Search to select courses and sections that are available
  • Build a schedule with your selected courses and sections so that you are ready to register when your Enrollment Date opens
  • Be sure you have alternate courses in the event a course becomes full before you can register
  • Check that you have no Registration Holds in UDSIS; remedy any holds you may have prior to your Enrollment Date.


Fall Registration is coming soon- Check in with your Academic Advisor!

Fall registration is right around the corner, beginning on April 18! As a University of Delaware Blue Hen, your academic advisor is among your most important champions. Watch this video to learn what support you can expect from them and how you can make the most of your time together. Then, schedule an appointment with your advisor through Blue Hen Success!

Summer Registration Opens April 4

Summer Course Registration opens April 4, 2022!

If you plan on taking summer courses offered by the Associate in Arts Program, register EARLY! (Courses with low enrollment will be dropped from the schedule, so don’t delay!) Payment is not due immediately, but must be paid prior to the start of classes.

Students may need to register for Summer courses for the following reasons:

  • Sophomores graduating in Summer or Fall 2022 who need additional credits to meet the minimum graduation requirements.
  • First-year students who need the minimum GPA of 2.5 and/or minimum 24 credits by the end of Summer 2022 to keep the SEED scholarship.
  • First-year students who need to take additional credits to stay on track for Spring 2023 graduation. You should earn 30 credits a year to Finish in Two.

You can find available summer courses through the Summer Course Search page.

  • **you must set the Campus filter to your home campus to view available courses
    • Wilmington (WILM)
    • Dover (DOVER)
    • Georgetown (GTOWN)

Upcoming Event: “Catalyzing Change in STEM” Conference!

This virtual forum is designed to bring together students of all ages, educators, and industry to showcase the mid-Atlantic region’s STEM opportunities and resources, and to discuss current and future talent skills and needs. This full day event is packed with content including keynote speakers, panel discussions, and opportunities to connect with the innovative companies that are creating job opportunities in the region.

Dean Levi Thompson will speak on the “Bridging the Gap Between Academia & Industry” panel, and Taylor Jacobs (RISE alumnae), will be a speaker on the “What Do Today’s Employees Seek In An Employer” panel.

There will also be a panel titled “How Not To Suck At Networking”, which will be hosted by Karen Leung (PI, NSF ATE Project on Industry Speed Networking, Workforce Development).

Both the College of Engineering and Career Center is providing free sponsorships for students who are planning to attend the conference.

Interested students may register today using this link, and promo code UDEL

Event Website: catalyzingchange.vfairs.com

Freshmen- Midterm Grades

Check Your Midterm Grades!

You’ve made it halfway through the spring semester! All Students with 27 or fewer credits will receive mid-term grades no later than Friday, March 25, 2022. Although these grades are not part of your permanent record, these grades serve as an indicator of how are you are doing in your classes thus far.

To view your midterm grades, go to your UDSIS Student Center page & follow the directions below:
1) Use the drop-down menu under ACADEMICS.
2) Select GRADES.
3) Choose the term: Spring 2022.
4) On the next page: Class Grades – 2022 Spring Semester, you will see a list of your spring courses.
5) Click on the MID-TERM GRADES tab above your list of classes to see your current grades.

If you have any concerns about your performance, see your instructor immediately. Please also contact your academic advisor for further assistance.