There are many individuals who made this exhibition and website possible. The Curatorial Collective would like to thank University of Delaware Museums staff for their enthusiasm towards our curatorial vision and the assistance they provided to make that vision a reality. We especially thank Jessica Horton, Assistant Professor of Art History; Amanda Zehnder, Chief Curator of Museums; Jan Gardner Broske, Collections Manager; Ashley Rye-Kopec, Curator of Education and Outreach; and Brian Kamen, Preparator.

Several scholars and members of the Yup’ik community spoke with the Curatorial Collective personally and generously gave their time to assisting the Collective in their research on the collection. We especially thank Heather Igloliorte, Assistant Professor of Art History at Concordia University; and Ann Fienup-Riordan, an independent anthropologist who studies Yup’ik culture. The Collective also thanks Fred Watson and Lucy Crow of Bethel, Alaska for their assistance with research into specific collection objects.

Copyright and Outreach:

The Curatorial Collective made every possible effort to make contact with the individual artists, co-operatives, community members, and/or organizations whose artworks pictured on this website. While the Collective members were able to speak with individuals in specific cases, they were unable to get in touch with others. The Collective especially thanks David Hannan of Dorset Fine Arts for his assistance with Inuit art research and for facilitating the granting of permissions to publish works from the Dorset Fine Arts co-operative on the website.

Background Image

Northern end of Auyuittuq National Park: Nedlukseak Fiord (Davis Strait) and view to the mountains of the park

By Ansgar Walk (Own work)

This file is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.5 Generic license: