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The UD Agroecology Lab is led by Alex Huddell, Assistant Professor in Agroecology and Sustainable Crop Production Systems the University of Delaware Department of Plant and Soil Sciences. Please check out the opportunities page if you are a prospective student or postdoc interested in doing research on sustainable nutrient cycling in agroecosystems.

The UD Agroecology Lab works at the intersection of ecosystem ecology/biogeochemistry and agronomy to research sustainable nutrient cycling. We investigate how diversified cropping systems, alternatives to synthetic fertilizers, and increased reliance on soil nutrient pools can be leveraged to tighten nutrient cycles and reduce harmful nutrient losses. We explore how to maximize ecosystem services such as food production and soil health while minimizing eutrophication and greenhouse gas production in various agroecosystems. We use field, greenhouse, lab, remote sensing, geospatial analysis, and synthesis work to answer a range of applied and basic research questions across multiple scales, such as field, cropping system, landscape scale, and larger.