ENWC 411/611: Insect Pest Management

  • 3 credits, every other Fall (2024, 2026)
  • Upper-level course that introduces students to core concepts in pest management and system-specific applications
  • Topics include: monitoring, economic thresholds, insecticide modes of action, insecticide resistance, biological control, cultural control, Bt, RNAi, etc.

ENWC 311: Insects in Agricultural and Urban Environments

  • 3 credits, every other Fall (2023, 2025)
  • Undergraduate course that introduces students to insects commonly found in selected agricultural and urban systems

ENWC 435/635: Population Ecology

  • 3 credits, every Spring
  • Upper-level course that combines population ecology theory with hands-on computational (R) exercises
  • Topics include: exponential, logistic, and age-structured growth, competition, predation, and time-series analysis.
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