We are here to inspire students

to become thriving individuals, able to enrich their communities and make meaningful contributions to society as engaged citizens, inclusive leaders and lifelong learners.

Our opportunities, programs and services are driven by our values:


University of Delaware students are central to all that we do, and we commit to maintaining their success as our primary focus and celebrating each student as an individual.

Learning & Development

We create learner-centered and goal-focused educational experiences. We empower students to explore, engage and reflect in order to cultivate their overall development and broaden their capacity for lifelong learning.

Partnerships & Connections

We collaborate with students, colleagues, faculty, parents, alumni and community members to ensure student success. Our partnerships both strengthen the work we do, and contribute to the overall ability of the University to achieve its mission and strategic priorities.

Inclusive Community

We create and support an inclusive campus community in which everyone is treated with respect and dignity, and where understanding and perspective-building is actively encouraged through civility, compassion, curiosity and dialogue.

Personal & Social Responsibility

We promote communities in which individuals take ownership for their ideas and their well-being, are responsible for their actions, recognize their capacity to make positive change and commit to making a difference.


We role model excellence because we recognize the potential for greatness in all students and staff. We develop and implement innovative programs and services, use professional standards and assessment to guide our work, and are steadfast stewards of fiscal, environmental and human resources.