Office of the Dean of Students

Prioritizing student wellbeing and amplifying the student voice

Seek help immediately with alcohol or drug concerns

Amnesty protocol is designed to get you the help you or a friend need without jeopardizing your status as a student.

We are Blue Hens

UD’s student-created values statement guides behavior and reaffirms UD’s commitment to respect, openness, engagement, mentorship and innovation.

The Office of the Dean of Students is a central resource for students, families, faculty and staff when navigating the complexities of the university experience through student support and advocacy, family engagement, and collaborations.

Our vision is that our office will lead the University of Delaware in utilizing student experiences and their holistic development to shape campus culture.

We work to affirm the values adopted by the Division of Student Life in all we do. The values that guide our work include:


University of Delaware students are central to all that we do, and we commit to maintaining their success as our primary focus and celebrating each student as an individual.

Learning & Development

We create learner-centered and goal-focused educational experiences. We empower students to explore, engage and reflect in order to cultivate their overall development and broaden their capacity for lifelong learning.

Partnerships & Connections

We collaborate with students, colleagues, faculty, parents, alumni and community members to ensure student success. Our partnerships both strengthen the work we do, and contribute to the overall ability of the University to achieve its mission and strategic priorities.

Inclusive Community

We create and support an inclusive campus community in which everyone is treated with respect and dignity, and where understanding and perspective-building is actively encouraged through civility, compassion, curiosity and dialogue.

Personal & Social Responsibility

We promote communities in which individuals take ownership for their ideas and their well-being, are responsible for their actions, recognize their capacity to make positive change and commit to making a difference.


We role model excellence because we recognize the potential for greatness in all students and staff. We develop and implement innovative programs and services, use professional standards and assessment to guide our work, and are steadfast stewards of fiscal, environmental and human resources.

ODS also supports the StUDent Government Association in upholding these student-defined values for all Blue Hens: 


We as Blue Hens are part of a community of scholars that is committed to giving back and making a difference. We create a community where diversity is essential, fearlessness is admired, and pride is born. Our legacy is built as we uphold these values defined by students for students:

Respect – We support the inherent right for all members of our community to have a voice and freely share their ideas. We acknowledge that an environment where there is mutual respect and dialogue leads to greater learning.

Openness – We believe that diversity is not enough. Diversity is acknowledging that differences exist. Openness means that we are accepting of learning from and engaging with all members of our community.

Innovation – We challenge all Blue Hens to be bold and creative as we strive for a better world. We will be committed to progress, while recognizing the value of past experiences. Our education provides us limitless opportunities to move ourselves and others forward.

Engagement – We will take an active role in the life of the university, both as learners and contributing community members. We know that true growth comes from being an active and engaged participant in our experiences.

Mentorship – We seek to become visionary and passionate Blue Hens who understand our role in fostering society’s next generation of responsible and ethical leaders. We will build relationships that foster excellence, support, and accountability.

It is our responsibility as Blue Hens to enable and empower each other to attain these values. As Blue Hens, we are committed to these ideals and will work to hold one another accountable. Through this work, we are doing our part to ensure that “with a Daring Spirit Bold, Delaware Will Shine.”

Support Students In Need

Give to the Student Crisis Fund

The University of Delaware’s Student Crisis Fund supports eligible students who face a serious financial hardship due to unanticipated crisis. Situations are considered on a case-by-case basis and may eliminate unforeseen barriers to students’ persistence at UD such as food or home insecurity, travel costs related to a sudden death or illness in the immediate family, out-of-pocket medical costs, or replacement of personal belongings due to fire, natural disaster, or theft.

Advocacy and Navigating Issues

We often meet with students who are experiencing challenges, obstacles, or crises in their life that may affect their success at UD, and we serve as a resource hub to connect students to resources both on- and off-campus. We are happy to meet with you to discuss what has been happening and how we can help ensure your success at UD. ODS also assist students in:


Call us at 302-831-8939 or email to schedule a one-on-one consultation about your success and what we can do to help you achieve your personal or educational goals. ODS manages medical and military leaves of absence at UD, and supports students who are:


How do I obtain an excused absence from class? Who can help me resolve my academic or financial concern? Does the Office of the Dean of Students offer Dean’s Certifications? What campus resources serve my needs? Get answers to these questions and more.

Who Are We?

To connect with the Office of the Dean of Students, call 302-831-8939 or email ODS.

Adam D. Cantley

Dean of Students
Assistant Vice President for Student Support and Advocacy

Katie Rizzo

Associate Dean of Students
Director of Case Management and Student Advocacy

Brian Armstrong Jr.

Senior Assistant Dean of Students
Associate Director of Case Management and Student Advocacy

headshot of Cara Lammey who coordinates student veteran services for UD Office of the Dean of Students

Cara Lammey

Assistant Dean of Students
School Certifying Official

Melissa Bartley

Melissa Bartley

Assistant Dean of Students/Assistant Director, Case Management & Student Advocacy

Zainab Shah

Zainab Shah, M.A., DVS, CA

Assistant Director, Victim Advocacy, Case Management & Student Advocacy

Maegan Cruz

AAP Student Support and Engagement Coordinator

Lindsey Massey

AAP Student Support and Engagement Coordinator
Georgetown & Dover

Sara Maloney

School Certifying Official

UD logo inside white circle on blue background

Morgan Snyder

Administrative Specialist