USCRP Research Project Webinar

Presentation in the U.S. Coastal Research Program (USCRP) Research Project Webinar, November 20, 2020. Two topics were included in the project of “Coastal Structure Design and Rehabilitation Incorporating Stochastic Risk and Uncertainty“:

  • Topic 1: Rehabilitation of Damaged or Aged Rubble Mound Structures (presented by Michele Strazzella)
  • Topic 2: Rock Mound to Reduce Wave Overwash and Crest Lowering of a Sand Barrier (presented by Tingting Zhu)

USCRP Research Project Webinars:

USCRP FY19 Funded Research:


Coastal structure design and rehabilitation incorporating stochastic risk and uncertainty performs laboratory experiments to investigate the structure settlement of rock mound structures on sand barriers and the rehabilitation of damaged or aged rubble mound structures. The findings and analysis of the experiments aim to develop a systematic methodology for evaluating the remaining capacity and structure settlement of a coastal structure for present and future design conditions and for upgrading the deficient capacity if warranted economically.
Dr. Nobuhisa Kobayashi
Image:  M Strazzella (L), T Zhu (C), and R Schurr (R) conducted lab experiments in a wave tank at the University of Delaware, Feb 2020 
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