Manuscripts Submitted

  • Schneider J.M., Arnon I., Nguyen A., Mendez K., & Qi Z. The relationship between statistical learning and prior language experience.
  • Earle F.S. & Qi Z. Overnight changes to the representational quality of nonnative speech: a learning and memory account
  • Zinszer B.D., Hannon J., Kouadio E., Akpé H., Tanoh F., Seri A., Hu A., Qi Z., & Jasinska K. (under review). Statistical learning in children’s emergent L2 literacy: Cross-cultural insights from rural Côte d’Ivoire. doi: 31730/
  • Zinszer B.D., Hannon J., Kouadio E., Akpé H., Tanoh F., Seri A., Qi Z., & Jasinska K. (in revision). Statistical learning and second language literacy in Côte d’Ivoire.
  • Anteraper S.A., Guell X., Collin G., Qi Z., Ren J., Nair A., Seidman L., Keshavan M., Zhang T., Tang Y., Li H., McCarley RW., Niznikiewicz M., Shenton M., Stone W., Wang J., & Whitfield-Gabrieli S. Abnormal function in dentate nuclei precedes the onset of psychosis: a longitudinal fMRI study in high-risk individuals. 
  • Collin G., Shenton M.E., Golderberg J.E., Chang X., Qi Z., Whitfield-Gabrieli S., Cahn W., Wang J., Keshavan M.S., Stone W.S. Brain markers of resilience to psychosis in high-risk individuals: a systematic review and meta-analysis of MRI studies. 

Conference Presentations

[*: conference talks; **: peer-reviewed conference presentations; †: student presentations]

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