About Bingjun


Bingjun Xu (CV)

Centennial Development Associate Professor of Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

Office: Colburn 329

Tel: 302-831-6725

Email: bxu@udel.edu



Postdoc – California Institute of Technology – 2013

Ph.D. in Physical Chemistry – Harvard University – 2011

M.S. in Physical Chemistry – Fudan University -2007

B.S. in Chemistry – Fudan University – 2004



CHEG835 Applied Chemical Kinetics

CHEG616 Physics and Chemistry of Surfaces and Interfaces

CHEG332 Chemical Engineering Kinetics

CHEG345 Junior Laboratory



I&EC 2018 Class of Influential Researchers, 2018

National Science Foundation Early CAREER Award, 2017

Air Force Office of Scientific Research (AFOSR) Young Investigator Award, 2016

ACS Petroleum Research Fund (PRF) New Investigator Award, 2015

University of Delaware Research Foundation (UDRF) Award, 2015

National Graduate Research Award of American Vacuum Society, 2011

Fieser Lectureship of Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology, Harvard University, 2011


Professional Services

Associate Editor of Science Advances, 2020 – Present

Editorial Board Member of Scientific Reports, 2016 – Present

Program Chair, Northeast Corridor Zeolite Association, 2018- 2019

Director, Catalysis Club of Philadelphia, 2016-2017

Early Career Advisory Board Member of ACS Catalysis, 2017

HDO Thrust Leader of Catalysis Center for Energy Innovation, 2014-2018


General research interests and approach

Enable efficient and selective heterogeneous thermo- and electro-catalytic conversions by developing molecular level understanding of surface mediated processes. General area of research interests include:

  • Biomass upgrading to renewable fuels and chemicals
  • Light alkane upgrading to value-added chemicals
  • Electrocatalytic conversion of CO2 and N2 to commodity and fine chemicals
  • In-situ/operando spectroscopies
  • Electrochemical interfaces
  • Chemical looping as a process intensification strategy
  • Hydroxide exchange membrane fuel cells and electrolyzers


Short bio w/ pictures

Bingjun attended Fudan University (Shanghai, China) for college during 2000-2004, during which he developed strong interest in heterogeneous catalysis research. He stayed at Fudan to pursue a Master’s degree in Physical Chemistry in Prof. Gao’s lab, working on synthesis and applications of solid acid catalysts. The picture below was taken after his MS thesis defense in 2007.



Bingjun then joined Prof. Friend’s lab in the Department of Chemistry and Chemical Biology at Harvard University (Cambridge, MA, US) for graduate study. His Ph.D. thesis focused on mechanistic studies of oxidative-coupling reactions mediated by gold surface under ultrahigh vacuum conditions. The picture below was taken after his Ph.D. defense in 2011.

Bingjun Xu defense


Upon finishing his Ph.D, Bingjun drove across the US from Cambridge to the sunny southern California (only to find his office for the followingt two years in the basement), to join Prof. Davis’ lab at Caltech for postdoctoral research. He worked on developing low temperature thermochemical cycles for water splitting, and zeolite-based biomass conversion. The picture below shows Bingjun in a CCE social event on campus with Ernie – the legendary Caltech food truck owner .



Aside from research, Bingjun enjoys reading, chatting with friends and traveling. Below are a few pictures of Bingjun traveling at various places.


Joshua Tree, CA, 2011












Anza Borrego, CA, 2011











Toronto, Canada, 2015











Nice, France, 2016

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