Research Update: May-June

Xuan’s work entitled Quantification of Active Sites and Elucidation of Reaction Mechanism of Electrochemical Nitrogen Reduction Reaction on Vanadium Nitride has been accepted for publication in Angew. Chem. In. Ed.  Congrats!


Two of our collaborative works have been accepted:

Y. Zhao, B. Setzler, J. Wang, J. Nash, B. Xu and Y. Yan, “An Efficient Direct Ammonia Fuel Cell for Affordable Carbon-Neutral Transportation”, Joule, 2019, Accepted.

H. Zhang, X. Chang, J. Chen, W. Goddard III, B. Xu, M Cheng and Q. Lu, “Computational and experimental demonstrations of one-pot tandem catalysis for electrochemical carbon dioxide reduction to methane”, Nat. Commun., 2019, Accepted.


Jingcheng’s work entitled A FTIR Study of the Acidity of In‐Situ Generated Brønsted Sites on NaY via Displacement Reactions came out in ChemCatChem,  congrats!