Dr. Yang from ShanghaiTech University to visit and give a seminar on 8/25

Bridging pressure and temperature gaps with operando FTIR-MS

(4pm 8/25, CLB366)

Yong Yang (yangyong@shanghaitech.edu.cn ) is an assistant professor in the School of Physical Science and Technology at ShanghaiTech University.

Education: 2002, Ph. D., surface physics, Georgia State University (with Dr. Brian Thomas), 1997, Bachelor, physics, Fudan University. Working experience: 2006-now, PNNL, Researcher/ University of Washington, Scientist – Operando MS-FTIR apparatus for steady state isotopic transient kinetic analysis (SSITKA). – Novel Pt catalyst with high temperature stability (Toyota program). 2002-2006, UC Santa Barbara, postdoc (Drs. Eric McFarland, Shuji Nakamura) – Gold catalyst on TiO2 (Durint project) – AlN HVPE high quality single crystal growth (Erato project)

Research Update: Aug 2016


Nick’s recent work, which has been accepted for publication in the Journal of Catalysis, elucidates the interaction between NaY and liquid water with in-situ ATR-FTIR spectroscopy. We show that the presence of liquid water promotes the protonation of pyridine to form pyridinium in the pores of NaY. However, the intensity of the pyridinium band is not representative of the Bronsted acid site density of NaY, as generally believed in the field, because it is largely induced by the solvent effect.