Workshop Description

The intent of the workshop was to:

  • Create synergy among Xperts, by introducing them to each other and discussing best practices, and 
  • Improving the toolbox for CDI application development, by bringing Xperts and CDI domain researchers together with tool designers.

Participants interacted with those involved in the above tasks from major national projects, such as XSEDE, CyVerse, Software Institutes (SGCI, MolSSI), CaRCC, as well as with individuals from the university campus and other research organizations.

Participants were asked to submit a one-page position paper which is enlisted in the Position Papers section. The papers described

  • best practices and issues in developing, improving, and using CDI applications,
  • best practices and issues in assisting CDI researchers
  • tools that improve the productivity of CDI researchers and those who assist them

Workshop Handouts

Workshop Output

Position Papers

1 Workshop on Best Practices and Tools
2 Tools for Computational and Data-Intensive Research
3 The Virtual Residency-A Training Program for Research Computing Facilitators
4 TAU Performance System- A performance evaluation tool for CDI researchers
5 Supporting Modern User Interfaces for High Performance Computing
6 Separation of Concerns in Scientific Programming
7 Opportunities for engagement between XSEDE, CDI practitioners and tool developers
8 OpenAnalysisService-Offering Program Analysis as Service
9 Experiences and issues assisting researchers in developing and using computational and data-intensive (CDI) applications
10 C-QUARK – contact-assisted de novo protein structure prediction on XSEDE Comet
11 Cloud-based Collaborative Development Environments for
12 Campus Champions-A community of practice around research computing and data
13 Best Practices in CI Workshop-The Science Gateways Community Institute perspective
14 Best Practices for Scalable Scientific Software Development- A RADICAL Approach
15 Best Practices and Issues in Developing High-Productivity Software Tools for Supporting Computational and Data-Intensive Research
16 Bartschat-Schneider-Workshop on Best Practices and Tools for Computational and
17 CDI-WorkshopPositionPaper


















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