How do I join the team? Are there tryouts? Do I need to be in shape?

To join the team, all you have to do is show up to practice! We allow anyone to run with us, regardless of skill level. There are no tryouts for joining the team. Whether you are looking for serious training, or just to stay in shape, there is room for you. We use GroupMe for communication, and we also have an email list. Please contact us if you would like to be added to either the GroupMe or email list. If you want to actually compete with us, then you must register with the team and pay dues. More information on that is available here.

When is practice?

We practice every weekday. The distance team practices separately from the sprints team, and you can see the schedules here and here, respectively.

Do I have to go to every practice? What level of commitment is expected?

It is not necessary to attend every single practice. We understand that students have other obligations and cannot attend all practices. That said, if you wish to compete with us, we ask that you attend practice at least once a week.

What is the time commitment? Will I be able to be a part of other student organizations?

We practice five days a week, and practice usually runs for an hour and a half or so. How often you come is up to you, but members of the team usually do not have trouble being part of other student organizations.

How much does everything cost?

Information on that is available here.

Is there a coach?

We do not have an official coach, but we do have a staff member who has experience in almost every Track & Field event that assists us. Besides that everything is student-run.

When can I join?

People can join the team at any point in the semester.

Where can I get more information?

You can poke around on the website or contact us with any questions! You can be added to our GroupMe as well as the email list, just use the contact form.