2019-20 Season in Review

In what was possibly the most convoluted year of UDXC/TF history, the Blue Hens fought through unscheduled busses, apparel debacles, and a pandemic that brought an untimely end to the track season. Despite many bumps and curves in the road, there is no denying that when our runners were able to do their thing, they did so with passion, talent, and grace. The performances we saw this year are representative of a team that has managed to grow and flourish under any and all circumstances. Here’s to the 2019-2020 UDXC/TF season.

During cross country, the women placed in the top ten teams a total of three times, while the men placed in the top ten twice! In addition, we saw two new top ten performance records for our home cross country course set by Bailey Davin and former UDXC runner and captain Michael Durkin.

Despite a short track season, the performance lists were dramatically altered as a total of twelve new records were added to the infamous spreadsheets. In our first and only outdoor track meet, the Lloyd Siegler Invitational, runner’s showed immense depth and talent, taking home four individual first place finishes and five individual second place finishes!

Notable performances of the season include Michael Durkin’s first place win at the Delaware Invitational over a slew of D1 teams, a pack of five Hens taking 1st-5th in the women’s 5k at the Lloyd Siegler invitational, and the women’s 4×100 team running a 55.52 for a new team record at Lloyd Siegler.

Here’s hoping we get both seasons next year and continue to thrive as we have been so fortunate to do in the past!

Great weather and a flat course may for some impressive times