WozMOG Lab

Welcome to the Wozniak Marine Organic Geochemistry (WozMOG) lab!

Founded in 2017 and located on the University of Delaware’s Hugh R. Sharp campus in Lewes, DE, we are devoted to studying how the sources, quantities, and molecular composition of organic matter impact processes in coastal, estuarine, oceanic, and atmospheric environments. As such, field work takes us to local rivers, salt marshes, and estuaries and on oceanographic cruises to collect samples.

Our research employs a variety of organic geochemical analytical techniques to answer questions related to carbon cycling at the air-sea interface, the preservation of carbon in sedimentary, oceanic and salt marsh environments, atmospheric deposition of organic matter and nutrients, coastal water quality, and more. We are proud members of the School of Marine Science and Policy in the College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment.

The WozMOG lab is always interested in hearing from potential graduate students and post-doctoral researchers. Please take a look at the current research projects under the Research tab on this site to get an idea of some of the work we do to see if we are a good fit for you! Prospective lab members can contact Dr. Wozniak via email at awozniak@udel.edu.