Other Resources


The American Society for Microbiology

The oldest and largest life science society, it’s mission is “to advance microbiological sciences through the pursuit of scientific knowledge and the dissemination of the results of fundamental and applied research”


An ASM web portal to the latest happenings in the microbial sciences


Free access to microbially oriented educational material and images

Microbial Life Educational Resources (MLER)

Hosted by Carleton College, a joint project between scientists at the Marine Biological Laboratory and Montana State University with excellent materials

Microbiological Garden

A site developed by Heribert Cypionka with lots of really cool microscopy images from various sites and cultures.

Early Earth Photosynthesis Working Group

An informal collection of scientists organized by Jenn Macalady at Penn State.  Photosynthesis and its toxic by-product, oxygen gas, are ultimately responsible for the shape of the biosphere today.  So, understanding how it came about is a pretty big question that will take a lot of heads to solve.

Other Winogradsky Column Resources

Winogradsky Column on Wikipedia

University of Edinburgh

MLER Winogradsky Page

University of Delaware

Dr. Hanson’s Academic Web Site

Get more information on research interests, publications, teaching, and the lab group.

It’s a Microbial World

A Delaware EPSCoR science site with the goal of introducing the microbial world to the general public.  With, an animated microbe guide.  The site was developed from public presentations developed by Dr. Hanson and Dr. K. Eric Wommack.

General Science

National Science Digital Library

The Nation’s online library for education and research

Science Daily

Hot, topical science news stories collected from the web

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