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I have made a PDF document of instructions for making columns that also includes illustrations of processes that occur in the columns and suggested experiments/discussion questions.  Click here to get it.

If you have questions, would like me to come out and help lead a Winogradsky project in your classroom, or have questions about a project that you have already started, please feel free to contact me.

Thomas E. Hanson
Associate Professor, Marine Biosciences
School of Marine Science and Policy, Department of Biological Sciences, and Delaware Biotechnology Institute
Office: (302) 831-3404
e-mail:    (copy, paste, and remove the underscores)
Web: click here


  1. Hi. I’ve used Winogradsky columns in my microbiology class, but have problems getting the columns clean afterwards. I’ve used glass graduated cylinders and clear polycarbonate tubing, and I get this rust-colored film that won’t scrub or bleach completely away. Any suggestions on cleaning, or should I just get new tubing? Thanks!

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