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Graduate Student Handbook
for Incoming Engineering Students

References and Other Materials:

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Helpful Articles

  • “Getting what you came for; The smart student’s guide to earning a Master’s or a PhD,” Peters, Robert L., The Noonday Press, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, New York, 1997.
  • “The woman’s guide to navigating the PhD in Engineering and Science,” Lazarus, B.B., Ritter, L. M., Ambrose, S. A., IEEE Press.
  • “Whitesides’ Group: Writing a Paper,” Whitesides, George, Advanced Materials, 16, Aug. 2004, pp. 1375-1377.


  • UDSIS: You can log onto UDSIS to register for classes, review your class schedule, see your semester bill, and check your academic records.
  • Library: The University’s library services are available to the university community and public in several locations including the Morris Library on campus. Online resources provide access to all types of information worldwide. Journal articles not available in the library can also be requested online.
  • Academic Calendar: The academic calendar is available to keep up with important deadlines.
  • Student Services Building: A variety of administrative services are available in the Student Services Building on Lovett Avenue. The services include UD#1 ID cards, fee payments, registration, foreign students service, and more.
  • Graduate Studies Office: Much academic information about policies and procedures, graduation, fellowships, etc. is available through the Graduate Studies Office in 234 Hullihen Hall.

Health and Fitness

  • Student Health Center: UD offers student health services in Laurel Hall. Services include: Medical Clinic, Women’s Health Clinic (gynecology and family planning), Sports Medicine Clinic, Self Care Cold and Wound Centers, Dispensary, Immunization and Allergy Clinic, Lab and X-ray, and Nutrition Clinic.
  • Student Health Insurance: Funded graduate students are eligible for the student health insurance. It is mandatory for foreign students and optional for domestic students.
  • Fitness Center: Registered students have access to the fitness centers located at Carpenter Sports Building, Harrington Fitness Center, Pencader Fitness Center, and Rodney Fitness Center. The fitness centers offer many interesting classes, including Cardio, Yoga, Pilates, Spin and more.
  • Ice Arena: A variety of ice skating programs are offered in the Fred Rust Ice Arena. Skate rentals are available at a low cost.
  • Outdoor Pool: The UD pool is the largest in Delaware. During the summer season, fees are free for registered students or $3 per day for non-registered students.


  • Public Safety: The Department of Public Safety offers Police Services, Parking Services, Security Services, and an Emergency Care Unit. They are located at 413 Academic Street and can be reached at 831-2222 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
    If you are in an emergency, dial 911 anywhere, anytime, using any kind of phone. Blue light emergency phones are available throughout campus and will connect you directly to the University Police dispatcher.
  • Campus Escort Service: Public Safety offers security services such as a free walking escort service and building checks. If you feel unsafe walking alone on campus at night, arrange for an escort by calling 831-6666 or buy using one of the blue light emergency phones.
  • Hate Related Incidents: The University of Delaware has zero tolerance for hate crimes. If you feel discriminated against or are assaulted because of your gender, race, ethnicity, or religion, report it to the Campus Life Office (218 Hullihen Hall,, 831-8939) or Public safety (, 831-2222). You can also make an anonymous report.
  • Personal Safety: The Department of Public Safety offers a female self-defense program with both basic and advanced classes.
  • Parking: Parking permits, maps, and other information can be obtained in the Parking Services Office at 413 Academy Street.
  • OHS: The Department of Occupational Health and Safety offers information about campus health, safety, and environmental management. Safety training opportunities are open to the university community.


  • Accessibility: Campus accessibility information including accessible restrooms, elevators, ramps, and electronic doors is available online.
  • Shuttle Bus: The shuttle bus service is open to the UD community and offers various routes from 7:11 AM to 2:10 AM. The University operates buses which are wheelchair accessible.
  • UDaily: The University’s on-line news service provides up-to-date news and campus events. The student-run newspaper, The Review, is available throughout campus.
  • Dining: A variety of dining options are available on campus.
  • Bookstore: Textbooks, books, gifts, software, and more are available at the UD Bookstore located in the Perkins Student Center.
  • Computing Sites: UD offers many computing sites for students’ convenience.
  • Classifieds: You can buy and sell items, such as books and furniture, advertise housing and more.
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