Past Events 2020-2021

Virtual Game Event

March 26, 2021                                       Grad Students and Faculty

Another fun Virtual Game Event hosted by WiE on GatherTown. Attendees were free to wander around (virtually) and meet-up with old and new friends. The event was packed with fun games like pictionary. Big thanks to Kayla, Kleio and Samantha for organizing this fun socializing event.

Inclusive Teaching and Mentoring Workshop

February 19, 2021                                       Grad Students and Faculty

Over 40 College of Engineering graduate students logged in for this virtual workshop on best practices for inclusive teaching and mentoring. Topics included implicit bias, stereotype threat, impostor syndrome, mindset, and teamwork. Thanks to presenters Dr. Sarah Rooney, Dr. Sheldon Hewlett, and Dr. Josh Enszer. This workshop was co-sponsored by the COE Graduate Affairs Office and Graduate Student Diversity Working Group.

Themed Coffee Hour

December 7, 2020                                       Grad Students and Faculty

We had a great turnout for this fun networking event hosted on GatherTown. The featured topic was a big thank you to Professor Pam Cook, who founded the Women in Engineering Graduate Student Steering Committee in the early 2000s. Several faculty members and department chairs spoke of Pam’s contributions to gender equity in the COE over the years. After the presentation, attendees were free to wander (virtually) around and meet up with friends old and new.

Mindfulness Workshop

November 20, 2020                                       Grad Students

WIE held its second Virtual Mindfulness Event, in which the attendees learned about the practice of mindfulness as well as its benefits, participated in a loving-kindness meditation, and partook in a Q&A session. The event was led by Dr. Amy Griffin from UD’s Psychology Department.

Breakfast with Jess Wade

November 6,  2020                                       Grad Students and Postdocs





WIE joined the Center for Research in Soft Matter & Polymers (CRiSP) in organizing a breakfast with Dr. Jess Wade, a Research Fellow at Imperial College London and a longtime diversity advocate in STEM. Graduate students from different CoE departments discussed grad life in the United States versus in the United Kingdom with Dr. Wade and later joined her research seminar and equity discussion.

WIE-SWE Graduate School Panel

October 26,  2020                                       Grad Students and Undergraduates

WIE hosted a graduate panel along with the Society of Women Engineers (SWE). The panel discussion highlighted topics including grad school application processes, life as a grad student, career plans after grad school, and navigating STEM fields as a womxn. Thank you to panelists Samantha Cassel, Jamie Benson, Kayla Pariser, and Yagya Gupta.

Virtual Meet Your Faculty Lunch

October 20,  2020                                       Grad Students and Postdocs

Professors Monique Head (CEE) and Laure Kayser (MSE), met with engineering graduate students and postdocs to share their insights on navigating academia, from honing their communication skills as rising grad students to shaping successful research programs as young faculty, and learning how to mentor and manage a growing, diverse team.

Annual Welcome Lunch

September 18, 2020                                       Grad Students, Postdocs, Faculty

This year our lunch to welcome new women graduate students to the College of Engineering went virtual! We were not able to provide pizza this year, but our traditional “Women in Science” trivia game was as competitive as ever. We look forward to future days when we can meet again on campus and finally give the winning teams their prizes.


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