Past Events 2022-2023


December 8, 2022                                       Grad Students and Postdocs

WIE celebrates the end of the semester and organized a cozy event for people to get together, sit down, talk, share hot chocolate and probably make some gifts for their friends and family.

Snacks and facts Event

October 10, 2022                                       Grad Students and Postdocs

Women in Engineering (WIE) hosted first Snacks & Facts event. This Snacks & Facts session focussed on common FAQs and misconceptions about Title IX/ gender discrimination policies in the workplace. Thank you everyone who came for an afternoon full of coffee, desserts, conversation and community with other UD graduate students, postdocs, faculty & staff in STEM.

Pizza Lunch

September 16, 2022                                       Grad Students and Postdocs

WIE organized annual womxn-only pizza lunch to welcome the new first-year COE womxn graduate students. Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate, enjoy pizza, play a trivia game, and learn more about the WIE program.

Ice-cream Social

July 28, 2022

Over 100 students showed up to our the ice cream social event, and participated in our ice cream social-theme games. Thanks to everyone who came and made this event so much fun!


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