Welcome to the 2017 Winter Faculty Institute!

This winter’s theme is: Inclusion. Engagement. Transformation… by Design.

This institute will focus on creating courses that allow all students to succeed by using high-engagement strategies, innovative classroom technology, high quality, affordable materials and inclusive teaching principles.

Featured guest workshop: “How Learning Works” by Michele DiPietro

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What to expect:
In addition to the featured guest workshop, over two dozen UD faculty and staff will faciliate ten sessions related to course design. When registering, you can choose between two tracks.

In the Hands-on Course Design Intensive track”, you will focus on course design activities in one workshop across the two days. Participants will use a backward design process to develop the beginnings of a course syllabus with peer-reviewed learning outcomes, a major assessment (e.g., final paper or big project), and considerations for a supportive classroom community for all students. Registrants for this track are expected to attend and fully participate in all workshop sessions.

In the “Topics in Course Design track”, you can sample among ten sessions that address course design from different UD faculty perspectives. Whether it’s an interactive keynote, panel session, presentation, or hands-on workshop, all sessions are geared to helping you attain your course design goals.

Who should attend:
All those who teach at the University of Delaware can benefit. Whether you’re designing a new course from scratch or redesigning an existing course, whether you’re a new faculty or a seasoned course designer, the Winter Faculty Institute will help you bring your course design to the next level. In particular, educators participating in the “Hands-on Course Design Intensive” track will work with course design concepts in greater depth and being making application to their courses. The “Topics in Course Design” track allows participants to explore new techniques and technologies to create and supplement their course design strategies.

Featured Guest Workshop

On Jan 9, Michele DiPietro will lead the featured workshop presentation, How Learning Works: Creating Inclusive Learning Environments

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