Virtual Homecoming 5k

October 19th-25th
This semester may look a little different, but don’t let that stop you from participating in the 4th annual Blue Hen Homecoming 5k! In this year’s virtual event you can walk/run your 5k wherever you are, whenever works best for you.

Registration proceeds benefit your choice of the Blue Hen Strong Fund or Employee Emergency Relief Fund

Our Fall 2020 Program

Our goal is to create a culture that allows employees to be their best, both on and off the clock. By offering a wide variety of programs through multiple modalities (live-virtual, pre-recorded, articles, and blogs), we will be able to meet the diverse needs of UD employees, spouses, retirees, and their families.

Wellbeing Program Details

Upcoming program registration information and past event recordings

Take Action UD (8/28 - 12/11)

About the Series

In response to President Assanis’ call to do better together to build a more inclusive UD culture, Employee Health and Wellbeing is coordinating an interactive social justice education series to support employees in their efforts to listen, learn and act now for change.

For more information, please complete our Take Action UD interest form
Join the conversation on our dedicated Microsoft Teams Channel

Upcoming Sessions

  • October: Show up for Students: Friday 10/23 10am – Register Online
  • November: What is Black Lives Matter? Friday 11/20 10am – Register Online
  • December: Creating a more inclusive Campus Culture: Friday 12/11 10am – Register Online

Past Session Recordings

  • August: Social Justice & Wellbeing: Friday 8/28 10am Recording
  • September: Show up for Coworkers: Friday 9/25 10am Recording
Couch to 5k Group (8/31 - 10/25)

About the Program

Runners may download the“C25k 5k Trainer” app or“10k Trainer by C25k” to track their running progress through an 8 week training program and connect to other employees using Microsoft Teams and Zoom!

More Information


Virtual Day of Wellbeing (Recordings)

About the Event

On Wednesday, September 16th Employee Health and Wellbeing hosted a virtual Day of Wellbeing. Throughout the day there were opportunities to meet the Employee Health and Wellbeing Team, learn about the Fall Semester wellbeing program offerings, ask questions, and take part in activities including guided meditation, desk and chair stretches, and a how-to for relieving muscle tension Session recordings may be accessed below. 

Session Recordings

RECORDING COMING SOON – Mindfulness Meditation Techniques: Learn how to take only a few moments to regain focus and reduce anxiety with breath, affirmations and light movement. 

RECORDING COMING SOON – How to Relieve Muscle Tension – Do you ever feel tense or sore at work or at home? Take 15 minutes to learn some self-massage techniques to help you reduce stress and muscle tension. Supplies Needed: A tennis ball, lacrosse ball, or foam roller.

RECORDING COMING SOON – Desk and Chair Stretches – Take 15 minutes for a guided stretch session focused on the muscles of the neck, upper back, chest, hamstrings and glutes to prevent common pain points caused by frequent desk-sitting. Supplies needed: a chair without wheels. 

RECORDING – Fall Program OverviewMeet the Employee Health and Wellbeing team and learn about the Fall Program offerings.

RECORDING COMING SOON – Program Registration Process – Learn how to register like a pro for our wellbeing programs and virtual group fitness classes using the registration portal! This walk-through will show you the ins and outs of the portal while also providing answers to frequently asked questions.

Walktober** (9/21 - 11/1)


Visit the Walktober Page


Working Well (9/23 - 12/9)

About the Series

Wellbeing is a top workplace priority, especially when we calculate the time employees are spending there. Through this 11-part workplace wellbeing series (Sept. 23 – Dec. 9), you will engage in dynamic discussion with the Employee Health and Wellbeing team, identify key ingredients that go into high functioning workplaces, and focus on your individual wellbeing.

Join us 2:00pm – 2:30pm every Wednesday beginning Sept. 23 to learn healthy ways to nourish your personal wellbeing and continue to make UD an irresistible place to work.

Upcoming Sessions

  • October 7: Working Well From Home – Register Online
  • October 14Using Mindfulness and Movement to Regain Focus and Reduce StressRegister Online
  • October 21Setting and Enforcing Boundaries at Work and HomeRegister Online
  • October 28What’s Good? Reframing and Resilience Through Gratitude Practice – Register Online
  • November 4Putting Yourself First with Self-CareRegister Online
  • November 11Building and Supporting Healthy Teams Register Online
  • November 18: Let’s Talk! Communicating Well  – Register Online
  • December 2:  Leading Well: How Trust and Transparency Get Results – Register Online
  • December 9: Working With Meaning: Why Do You Do What You Do? – Register Online

Past Session Recordings

That's Interesting (9/24 - 12/17)

About the Series

Learning new things provides all kinds of surprising benefits to our mental health, primarily from the release of that famous feel-good brain chemical dopamine. Take some time to learn what interesting things are happening behind the scenes at UD through this virtual series to spark some joy-inducing curiosity

Upcoming Sessions

Oct. 22, 12pm – 1pm – That’s Interesting: Behind the Scenes With YoUDee – Register Online

Nov. 19, 12pm – 1pm – That’s Interesting: Behind the Scenes With UDairy – Register Online

Dec. 17, 12pm – 1pm – That’s Interesting: Behind the Scenes With Morris Library – Register Online

Past Session Recordings

RECORDING That’s Interesting: Facilities Behind the Scenes: Learn how the UD facilities team is working to keep campus safe and clean amid the COVID-19 pandemic in this panel discussion featuring Sylvester Johnson, Director Cust and Univ Services, Judy David, Asst Director Cust and Univ Services, and Kenith Chase, Senior Custodial Manager.

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Purposeful App

About Purposeful

Purposeful is a brand new kind of mobile app that helps you define your unique purpose in life by illustrating your best self and clarifying what matters most to you. A beautifully designed and customized experience takes you on a journey of self-awareness and inspiration, driven by multimedia content created and curated by leading behavior change experts.

How to Participate

Text “UDEL” to 734.436.3939 to get started

Learn more on our Purpose Foundation Page. 


Water Cooler Series (Fridays at 12pm)

About the Series

Did we just become best friends?
Healthy social connections are essential to your personal wellbeing and according to Gallup, having a best friend at work can increase engagement by seven-fold, significantly improving your chances of feeling fulfilled and happy during the day. EHW Water Cooler Chats are virtual spaces designed for building connection through casual conversations and for geeking out with new friends.

Upcoming Water Cooler Topics of Conversation

10/9: Pets and Pups
10/16: Crafting
10/23: Surviving Toddlers
10/30: Spooky Season
11/6: Local Hiking
11/13: Practicing Self-Care & Coping
11/20: Whatcha Watching? Movies & TV
12/4: Live Music Lovers

How to Participate

No registration required! Just join the Zoom meeting Fridays at noon

Sustainability Series (9/29 - 10/27)

About the Series

In this 5-part live and pre-recorded series you will develop a broader understanding of how the choices we make to care for our planet are also steps to care for ourselves. Learn how to promote and live a green and sustainable lifestyle from UD experts in gardening, farming, nutrition and recycling. 

Upcoming Sessions

Oct. 13, LIVE  12pm – 1pm – Home Gardening, Composting and the Benefit of Bees with Master Gardener/Composter Gail Hermenau and Deborah Delaney, assistant professor of entomology and wildlife ecology. Register online!

Oct. 20, PRE-RECORDED Watch video: Sustainable Foods: Aquaculture, Cage Free vs Free Range and Fair Trade products.  

Oct. 27, PRE-RECORDED – Plant Based Diets: How to Get the Proper Nutrition and Explore the Lifestyle.  

Past Session Recordings

Session Recording – Living Sustainably With Chef Jen

Session Recording – Reduce & Recycle With UD’s Sustainability Expert, Michelle Bennett

Session Recording- Home Gardening, Composting and Pollinators with Gail Hermenau and Deborah Delaney

Blue Hen Virtual Homecoming 5k (10/19 - 10/25)

About the Event

Registration is open now!
Program Runs: Oct 19- Oct 25

Registration proceeds for this year’s Blue Hen Virtual Homecoming 5k benefit the Blue Hen Strong Fund or Employee Emergency Relief Fund


  1. Register – Choose your event: 5K (3.1 miles)
  2. Race – Walk or run ANY day Oct. 19th-25th. Use a fitness watch or smartphone app to track your distance and time. Take a picture of your record.
  3. Share – Submit your time and picture of your record. Submit your results. Share photos on Facebook and Instagram!

Learn more, donate and register 


HealthyU Cooking Classes**

About HealthyU

All-Access Members can virtually participate in cooking demos or cook along with Chef Jen though our HealthyU Virtual Cooking Classes.

Chef Jen is a Registered Dietitian, a Registered Yoga Teacher and is the Nutrition Outreach Coordinator for Employee Health and Wellbeing. Each month during the semester Chef Jen selects recipes that are either healthier versions or preparations or meant to expand your culinary horizons. Take advantage of this fun cooking class!

Upcoming Classes

October Cook Along – October 15, 2020: Autumn Harvest, Let’s Cook!; Virtual cook along Via Zoom from 5-6:30 pm. Space is limited! Register online! Menu for Virtual Cook along: Autumn Harvest Salad, Butternut Squash and Pesto Pizza and Quick Apple Dessert. *** Allergens: Nuts, wheat, dairy

November Cooking Demo – November 5, 2020: Quick Sheet Pan and One Pot Meal Dinners; Virtually via Zoom from 5-6 pm. Register online! 

December Cooking Demo – December 9, 2020: Healthier Holiday Brunch; Virtually via Zoom from 5-6 pm. Register online!

Previous Classes

September 24, 2020: Knife Skills; Virtually via Zoom from 5-6 pm.


Breaking Bread in Unity (Ongoing)

About Breaking Bread in Unity 

Introducing Breaking Bread in Unity, a brand new cooking show from Employee Health and Wellbeing. Preparing, cooking, sitting down together to break bread and enjoy a meal has been a way for human connection since the beginning of time. In response to all that is happening in the world, we are hoping to (virtually) bring the UD community together through food. This is open to any and all people of all heritages that’s an employee, retiree, faculty or staff. 

Have a recipe you want to share? Complete the Participant Sign up Sheet

Learn More and View the Recipes


Jamaican Ackee & Saltfish with Fried Plantains Video


Virtual Fitness Classes (Ongoing)

About Virtual Fitness Classes

Break a sweat from the comfort of your own home by participating in one of our free virtual fitness classes led by your favorite instructors! All classes are free to current employees, retirees, and their families. Register for class within the 24 hour registration window through the Registration Portal. 

Learn More and Register


Meditation Sessions (Ongoing)

About Meditation Sessions

Practice mindfulness to train attention and awareness, and achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm and stable state through any of these 15 minute sessions from October 26-December 23.

Morning Meditation: Start your Monday, Wednesday, or Friday mornings by getting focused and centered through meditation. Learn new techniques and expand your emotional agility through any of these 15 minute meditation sessions. On Fridays, expect to experiment and expand your meditation horizons by participating in a session that feature singing bowls, guided meditations, mantras, or chanting. Learn more and register!

Workplace Wind-Down: De-stress and unwind after the workday on Tuesdays and Thursdays through meditation. Learn More and Register

All sessions are free to current employees, retirees, and their families. Register for each session within the 24 hour registration window through the Registration Portal. 


24 Short Form Tai Chi (10/26-12/19)

About 24 Short Form Tai Chi Series

To do Tai Chi, you perform a series of postures or movements in a slow, graceful manner that consists of slow continuous, soft and circular movements in a flowing form.  Each posture flows into the next without pausing.  All forms of Tai Chi include rhythmic patterns of movement that are coordinated with breathing.  In order to perform Tai Chi properly, the body moves as a unit. Timing of movement is very important–all parts of the body start and end at the same time.  During transitions and weight shifts the weight ideally is on one foot, keeping the body upright.  Commonly referred to as “separating the weight”,  or substantial and insubstantial.  The slower and lower the movement, the greater the strength and endurance benefit. In 1956, a group of Taichiquan experts organized by the State Physical Culture and Sport Commission created the simplified 24 set taichiquan based on Yang Style Taichiquan, making a complicated form simple and removing repetitions.

In this 8 week on-demand recording series, Herbert Bell will walk you through the 24 Short Form steps of Tai Chi in sequence. Tune in every Monday at 12pm for a new recording from October 26 through December 19! 


**An All-Access membership is required to participate in Walktober and HealthyU Cooking Classes. Learn more about the All-Access Membership and purchase yours using our request form

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