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Breast Cancer Survivor Stories

Breast Cancer Support Resources

Delaware Breast Cancer Coalition
Support groups and FAQs for people newly diagnosed

American Cancer Society: Breast Cancer
Screening guidelines, prevention tips and latest research

I was obsessed with doing my breast self-exams. I would do them daily vs monthly. When I found a weird, hard spot in the left breast in July 2016, I literally got out of the shower and asked my husband to feel it. It was definitely something I’d never felt before, but I let it go for about a month or so thinking it was related to the underwire in my bras. However, it stayed in my mind like, “this doesn’t feel right.” In September, to ease my mind, I went to my OBGYN and he was adamant that “there’s nothing to worry about, African-Americans have lumpy breasts.” He was hesitant to order additional testing, but to appease me, he went ahead and ordered a couple of tests (mammogram and ultrasound). I’m so thankful that he reluctantly did so! I was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer in October of that year… Continue Reading    

Alvita D. Kelly

Manager Verification & Assessment, DIEEC DE Stars Program

“I went in February 2017 for my first mammogram because I was 40 years old and that’s what you do. I got a call a few days later and they said, ‘We just want to look at it again.’ I ended up going for multiple biopsies. I went through a stereo X-ray, a guided biopsy, an ultrasound-guided biopsy and an MRI-guided biopsy. I had five growths in my right breast. No symptoms, no idea, no clue, no pain.

I’m a dietitian and a yoga instructor. I didn’t think I would end up with this. It’s like I won the breast cancer lottery… Continue Reading

Jen Muzzi

Nutrition Outreach Coordinator, Employee Health and Wellbeing