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How UD employees are taking action to be their best selves at work and at home. Stories of resilience, strength and perseverance collected here to inspire continued growth in the UD community. Share your story with us for consideration using the below form. 


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No Gym? No Problem.

Because of COVID-19, the majority of Americans were left without having access to a gym facility, leaving some people no access to equipment to continue pursing their fitness journey. The pandemic, however, did not stop these UD employees from continuing their workouts!

I have always tried to live an active lifestyle. I’ve been attending UD employee fitness classes for years while also keeping active at home.  When the pandemic hit, I was determined to get my daily workouts in, knowing that I would have to change the way I did them since we were no longer able to be at CSB and utilize the equipment. I was excited when I was able to do live workouts, with the instructors I love, and, also be able to use the recorded sessions in between. 

At some point, I made a comment to my husband about doing my BODYPUMP workouts with only dumbbells, wishing I had something heavier to use for certain moves. Next thing I know, I have my home-made barbell. My husband made it out of a wooden rod and weights from an old weight machine (we got rid of the machine a long time ago, but he kept the weights). So, now I have my own barbell, which has approximately 24 lbs. of weight. I only use it for certain moves and then will use my dumbbells for everything else. It works great!

Dana Albrecht

Coordinator, Business Operations | Colleges & Programs| Planned Giving, Office of Development & Alumni Relations

I wanted to get my “current wife” Judy an exercise bench for Christmas. We both wanted to take advantage of UD’s virtual fitness class, BODYPUMP, but did not have a bench to lay on and for pushups. I was using an old coffee table and she was using an old footlocker.  Since fitness equipment was scarce, I decided to make a bench with materials from Home Depot.  I used 6 small buckets and screwed the bottom of the buckets to a piece of Medium-density Fibreboard, rounded the corners and edges, then stained and lacquered the top. The bench works well, only now she does pushups on her toes!

Robert DiIori

Video Production Manager , IT-Media Services