Purpose is what you find most important in life. It’s what drives you to do your best, and be your best.

The focus of our Purpose foundation is to provide programs and resources to help you become mindful of what is most important to YOU and motivate you take action to live with purpose each day. People with a strong sense of purpose are happier, live longer, sleep better, recover faster, and have a bigger impact on the people, organizations, and causes they care about. Not sure where to start? Download the Purposeful App (learn more below). 

EHW’s Purpose Wellbeing Resources

Announcing "Purpose Driven"

Through the month of June, Employee Health and Wellbeing challenged UD employees to create powerful purpose statements and share them with the UD community in a “Blue and Gold Purpose Challenge.” Those statements have been collected into an inspirational eBook called “Purpose Driven” available now for digital viewing.

View the eBook

Purposeful App

Purposeful is a brand new kind of mobile app that helps you define your unique purpose in life by illustrating your best self and clarifying what matters most to you. A beautifully designed and customized experience takes you on a journey of self-awareness and inspiration, driven by multimedia content created and curated by leading behavior change experts.

Text “UDEL” to 734.436.3939 to get started

Loving Kindness Meditations

Loving-kindness meditation strengthens feelings of kindness and connection towards ourselves and others. This type of meditation can enhance self-transcendence, purpose in life, and your propensity to experience positive emotions. There are different forms of this meditation, but here are the basics. Give it about twenty minutes.

Purposeful Living Newsletters

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June 2020: Sleep
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April 2020: Change Happens



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