Mental Health Month 

Importance of Mental Health

Mental health is an important part of our overall wellbeing. It relates to our level of happiness and how we feel about ourselves; impacts how well we manage problems and overcome difficulties; influences our social relationships and outlook on life; and plays a significant role in our physical health.¹ 

Our behaviors, knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, environments, resources and genetics all influence our mental health. Just like a thermostat goes up and down for different reasons, so too can the state of our mental health. Some days our choices and circumstances cause our thermostat to go higher and other days lower. Sometimes it breaks for a while until we seek help to get it fixed. If we prefer a certain temperature, we need to understand what has to take place to keep it there. Do we need to keep the windows closed? Buy a new air system? Put in new insulation?

At the individual level, understanding the role we play in our own mental health is important for maintaining overall health.

About the Campaign

The primary aim of this Mental Health Month campaign is to help you examine your own mental health on topics we all have in common: stress, the mind-body connection, and thoughts. Each week we will provide you with content, tools, and resources (external links, videos, assessments) to help you support your mental health. This information can be accessed through the Weekly Content button at the top of this page or by clicking here.

Mental Health General Information 

For more general information on mental health including how to assess your own mental health, types of mental illness, and where to seek help, click here

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