University employees, retirees, and spouses have access to the employee-only fitness center, located in the Carpenter Sports Building (CSB). This two-story facility features cardio equipment, strength training equipment, TVs, and access to a personal trainer. In addition to the EFC, employees are eligible to use ALL CSB facilities, including the student fitness center, basketball and racquetball courts, and both the employee and general locker rooms. For an orientation or tour, call  831-8388. The address of the CSB is 26 N. College Ave, Newark, DE 19716.

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Employees, retirees, and their spouses are eligible to participate in any of our fitness services with one of our certified trainers.

Fitness Assessment ($15)

  • During this 1 hour appointment, a series of assessment will be done to determine your overall fitness level. You will receive a comprehensive report of your results, which can be an effective planning took in developing a workout regime.
  • The following will be measured:
    • BMI Resting heart rate & blood pressure
    • Body composition
    • Aerobic capacity
    • Muscular strength & endurance
    • Flexibility

Personal Training ($25/$60)

  • 1 session: 25 Wellness Dollars
  • 3 sessions: 60 Wellness Dollars
  • Personal training provides custom one-on-one guidance by our nationally-certified staff for clients of all fitness levels. Trainers will create a unique workout to help you achieve your goals. Appointments are 1 hour in duration and include step by step instruction, with an emphasis on safety and form. Programs can be developed for use in the employee fitness center, home, or anywhere in between. The 3 session package allows you the opportunity to progress over time with the assistance of a trainer. Sessions are scheduled based on what you and your trainer feel is appropriate.

Assessment & Personal Training ($30)

  • This package allows your trainer to develop a more effective workout to help you reach your goals by using the detailed report from the fitness assessment to analyze current fitness levels. We recommend this be done in 2 separate sessions, as each part takes about 1 hour.

Exercise Counseling

Exercise counseling is beneficial for anyone looking to start or improve their current physical activity routine. Our clinical exercise physiologists, can help you prevent or manage:

  • High blood pressure, cholesterol and other cardiovascular risk factors
  • Diabetes, kidney disease and other metabolic disorders
  • Age- and disease-related muscle weakness
  • Weight control
  • Osteoporosis, arthritis and other orthopaedic disorders
  • Stress and anxiety

Exercise counseling is beneficial for anyone starting or maintaining a physical activity routine. It’s available right here, through STAR Health at the University of Delaware.

Email: exerciseconsult@udel.edu or call 302-831-3195 to schedule your appointment

Scheduling Your Appointment

  1. Log in Here to register for the service(s) you would like.
  2. Complete a short health & fitness questionnaire for our trainers to review. Return completed forms to the HealthyU office via campus mail (124 CSB) or fax to 831-3303.
  3. Once your forms are received and a trainer has reviewed them, we will contact you to schedule your appointment. Important: No appointments will be scheduled without completed forms first being received.