Financial Wellbeing is managing your economic life well and having a healthy relationship with money

The focus of our financial wellbeing foundation is to provide programs and resources to support employees in enhancing their sense of financial security. Finances can be a major stressor and money can be a huge source of anxiety. A 2017 PwC survey showed that employees experiencing financial stress are less productive and in worse financial shape than other employees. For some, money can be a constant source of stress. Use your resources to gain financial wellbeing and security with this foundation.

EHW’s Financial Wellbeing Resources

EHW Financial Wellbeing Series

A 3-part financial health panel discussion moderated by Garry Johnson, founder of KnowCapp, and featuring community experts on the topics of personal finance, retirement, budgeting and investing.

UD’s Financial Wellbeing Resources

Office of Human Resources

One way to navigate the stress of managing your finances is to understand your benefits.
The Office of Human Resources provides information and resources available to help plan for for your future.


UD’s employee assistance program provider offers a variety of resources and information to support you in your everyday life. To log-in, enter “State of Delaware” as your organization 


UD’s retirement benefit provider offers financial literacy resources and individual counseling for retirement planning

Financial Wellbeing Resources in the Community

Stand By Me Delaware offers free 1-on-1 financial coaching to anyone who lives or works in the state of Delaware



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