Join our Growing Team of Employee Health & Wellbeing Ambassadors! 


What is a Wellbeing Ambassador?
  • Wellbeing Ambassadors are University of Delaware employees who help spread wellbeing across campus through the participation in and promotion of Employee Health & Wellbeing programs, services and initiatives.
  • Any employee from any department is eligible to participate.
How much time is involved in being a Wellbeing Ambassador ?
  • The estimated monthly time commitment is about 1 hour
  • Wellbeing Ambassadors are asked to commit to this role for a minimum of 1 year
  • Attend 2-3 annual planning meetings
What are the perks of becoming a Wellbeing Ambassador?
  • Be the first to know about new wellbeing programs and events
  • Opportunities to demo new fitness classes
  • Exclusive access to an online Wellbeing Toolkit resource
    • Assist you in understanding your role as a Wellbeing Ambassador
    • Provides you with comprehensive wellness information and handouts to create a healthy workplace
  • Exciting Volunteer opportunities!
    • Annual Homecoming 5K
    • Wellbeing on the Green
    • Nutrition Newark Cookoff
  • Motivation to stay committed to your own health and wellbeing goals
How do I become a Wellbeing Ambassador?
  • Check to ensure your department does not already have an Ambassador
  • Obtain approval from your supervisor or manager (if needed)
  • Click the “Apply Now” button and complete the Google Form
  • Once submitted, one of our Wellbeing staff will contact you via email with additional information and provide you with access to the Wellbeing Toolkit.
Who are the current Wellbeing Ambassadors?

Click here to view the current list