WCU Contributors


James Adkins – Associate Scientist – Irrigation Engineer, University of Delaware

Dr. Jerry Brust – Extension IPM Vegetable Specialist, University of Maryland
Jerry maintains a website at http://extension.umd.edu/mdvegetables

Dr. Emmalea Ernest – Associate Scientist – Vegetable Crops, University of Delaware
Emmalea is the editor of the Weekly Crop Update.  More information about her research and activities related to the Extension Vegetable and Fruit Program is available here.

Dr. Kate Everts – Extension Vegetable Pathologist, University of Maryland & University of Delaware
Kate’s website is http://extension.umd.edu/mdvegetables/vegetable-plant-diseases

Dr. Gordon Johnson – Extension Fruit & Vegetable Specialist, University of Delaware
More about Gordon’s research and extension work is available here.

Dr. Alyssa Koehler – Extension Specialist – Plant Pathology, University of Delaware

Dr. Jarrod Miller – Extension Agronomist, University of Delaware

Dr. Rose Ogutu – Horticulture Specialist, Delaware State University

Dr. David Owens – Extension Entomologist, University of Delaware

Dr. Amy Shober – Extension Specialist, Nutrient Management and Environmental Quality
Visit the Nutrient Management Webpage for additional resources.

Dr. Mark VanGessel – Extension Weed Specialist, University of Delaware
Mark’s Weed Science Webpage has a lot of useful resources.


Bill Cissel – Extension IPM Agent, University of Delaware
Guess the Pest! is Bill’s brainchild, and one of his many innovative Extension education ideas.

Carl German – Retired Extension Crops Marketing Specialist, University of Delaware
Carl contributed articles on grain marketing to the Weekly Crop Update for many years and has now retired from the University of Delaware.

Dr. Nathan Kleczewski – Extension Specialist – Plant Pathology, University of Delaware
Nathan’s contributed many great articles on crop disease management.

Bob Mulrooney – Retired Extension Plant Pathologist, University of Delaware
Bob contributed many articles on disease management in vegetable, fruit and agronomic crops and has now retired from the University of Delaware.

Dr. Richard Taylor – Extension Agronomist, University of Delaware
Richard shared many detailed articles on field crop and hay and pasture management with WCU readers and retired from UD in June 2016.

Joanne Whalen – Retired Extension IPM Specialist, University of Delaware
Joanne kept WCU readers well informed of what insects to scout for and how to manage them. She retired from UD in January 2017.

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